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Oct 17, 2007 10:06 AM

Bon-Apetit Roslyn

I know I've asked about this place before, but I still have never been and I might as well get updated info. I don't eat kosher, but friends and family do, and I may be serving kosher this Sunday. My plan for such events was to have a second bbq, keep it kosher...but I still haven't purchased 2nd bbq.
So, being that I live in Sea Cliff (North Shore) and don't want to travel too far on Sunday morning, what's good at Bon Apetit? I recall someone (Jeterfan?) vouching for their southern fried chicken. Anything else?
Anything heimesh?
For that matter, where can I get cholent or p'cha (gallah) near me? Does Great Neck have heimesh ashkenazi places, or is it one big jachnun party?

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  1. Poultry Mart is not kosher and very ashkenazi, they regularly have cholent. Great Neck Glatt might have some of the stuff your looking for but I have not been there in ages so it might have changed. Other then the kosher chinese places, the only kosher restaurant that is not "persian" that I can think of is Bistro Grill.

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      Great Neck Glatt will have what you are looking for. Consider ordering from them in advance. Also not far in Little Neck, is Mazur's also Glatt and heimish.

      1. re: mggn

        I would assume that Great Neck Glatt's food is better than Bon Appetit because Bon Appetit's food (other than the fried chicken) may not be as well seasoned as Great Neck Glatt's food. If you are getting rotisserie or fried chicken, Bon Appetit is fine. I am sure that their regular Eastern European types of foods are also fine. If you are interested in "fancier" foods like chicken marsala or the like, I would probably go with Great Neck Glatt. However, I would choose Bon Appetit over Mazur's.

        1. re: jeterfan

          I gues I'll just try both over time. I'm curious about Poultry Mart--not kosher, but serves chulent?

          1. re: abu applesauce

            It is not an everyday item so if your interested give them a call. Yesterday I was told it would be available today. They do, not surprisingly, really good chicken. Years ago the Big Dog had some good things to say about them. As for Mazur, "mggn" made a good recommendation. My senior citizen relatives living in Bayside have served their food for years and the matzo ball soup and potato kugel were surprisingly good.

            1. re: stuartlafonda

              Thursday night chulent on the North Shore? I would never have guessed. I occasionally drive into boro park, brooklyn for thurs night chulent (Cheskels Shwarma King)--I can't wait to try Poultry Mart.