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St. Augustine-Please Help :)

We are a large group of out of state (CA, CO, PA) foodies visiting late November. Looking for recs for the following:

Ice Cream
Oyster Bar (Best deal on oysters)
High End-Opus 39?
Bar wirth Live Music
Funky Local Hangs

Really appreciate your input.



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  1. Our favorite Special Dinner place is La Parisienne. They have some nice wines and great food that is approachable enough for a non-foodie to enjoy, but well-executed.

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      I don't think they're open anymore. I was walking around the old city a few months ago and it was a totally different restaurant. Anyone know what happened or if they moved?

    2. Had lunch at Cap's. Location, location, location! Very beautiful views. Food - ok from short lunch menu. Dinner menu looks better. They have an impressive award winning wine list.

      Breakfast at The Beachcomber (2 A Street) - is popular for its sunrise breakfasts of oversize pancakes, which can be personalized with blueberries, bananas or pecans. This was wonderful. Just a shack on the beach. Got right in with the locals and had a great friendly time.

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        The Beachcomber is fantastic for breakfast. It's literally on the sand with indoor and outdoor seating.

      2. The best seafood place, hands down, is O'Steens! It is a local place with lots of charm. Mos def a local favorite!

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          I was going to recommend O'Steens, but the original poster said they were large group. Depending on the size of the group, I'm not sure O'Steens would work.

          It is my favorite place in St. Augustine for oysters. Saltwater Cowboy's also has very good "Florida Cracker" type food in a unique atmosphere. Their fried oysters are some of the best I've had.

        2. Try the Manatee Cafe for an outstanding casual funky breakfast. The place is mostly organic/vegetarian with a few non-vegetarian items on the menu. I love the breakfast burrito with side salad/lemon tahini dressing.

          Opus 39 gets my vote for upscale. Great food, reasonable price fixed menu, hands-on chef. Nice wine shop in the back where you can order by-the-glass.

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            Thanks everyone. My husband and I are pescatarians, so we are always looking for good vegetarian options.

            We will surely have oysters everyday.

            Wondering about Pizza?

          2. Without a doubt, Opus 39! It is so much fun to go back to the wine store and pick out your bottle of wine and bring it to the table. The chef is a CIA graduate who is very creative and will come out and check on things. This is fine dining without having to break the bank. Go price fixed.

            1. La Parisienne is no more, The Collage ( www.collagestaug.com) has taken it's place, and I've not tried it..

              I've greatly enjoyed Opus 39's fine quality (39 Cordoba street 824-0402), quite a few times. Their "younger sister", The Tasting Room, (25 Cuna St., St. Augustine (904) 810-2400) has wonderful tasting portions, tapas size, and as a bonus, authentic live flamenco music inside (you supply the dancing). We had Paella Croquettees,Tapas Flights, Lobster Skewers. Sit outdoors early on in the courtyard when weather permits, then come in for the music. Romantic, highly recommended.

              There's said to be a good wine bar, off the main drag and upstairs, (San Sebastian) and it's open late with live entertainment often, in a town that closes at 10 pm.

              For casual, Gypsy Cab has decent fare, robust servings, and kind of quaint atmosphere, filled with 20-30 year olds. More people prefer Saltwater Cowboys for really fresh seafood. For brunch, Athena Cafe is good, with generous portions.

              1. For Pizza I personally like Borrillos Pizza & Subs on 88 San Marco Ave. a very small place so if you are a large group you might consider take-out. Bar with live music= Mill Top Tavern on St. George st. if you can catch Sam Pacetti he plays a mean guitar.

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                  Thank you. I very much appreciate everyone's input and am really looking forward to experiencing as much of it as possible. Will report back early December.

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                    Borrillos is good for pizza but not for a large group.
                    There's a good ice cream place on St. George street, actually they have 2 locations. One at either end of the street.
                    And we really like The Raintree on San Marco for special occasions.

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                      Reporting back:

                      Loved the area. The beaches were beautiful and the people very friendly. We had great weather too!

                      Now to the food experience, we wanted to try more (missed Saltwater Cowboys, Opus and The Tasting Room).


                      Cap's-both for setting and quality of food. We had a lunch and a dinner (thank you kind server for the bug spray!). Particularly enjoyed the she crab soup, the crab cakes, the yellowfin tuna, the red beans and wild rice and the fantastic key lime pie cup. The night we were there, they had a special dessert called "asian fusion" made of gingerbread over a creme anglaise and berries. It was delicious. I ordered a martini from the bar and was pleasantly surprised. Very smooth.

                      Amici's-great eggplant rollatini, chicken limone and pizza (better than Borrillo's IMO).

                      Beachcomber-walking distance from the house and very nice for breakfast.

                      Cafe Eleven-also walking distance and great coffee, and very reasonable and good breakfast fare. Breakfast for 5 was less than 40 bucks.

                      Soft Serve at the Miniature Golf Place. Surprisingly good and you can get a waffle cone for same price as a cake cone.


                      Borillo's-felt right, watched the pizza being made and thought yes! The reality is that the crust was too thick and too soft, too much cheese and not much flavor in general. The eggplant parm sandwich was dismal-all breading inside of more bread-yuch! If this place was in L.A., we would probably revisit but we were expecting better from Florida as the best pizza we have ever had is in Indialantic.

                      Oasis-what is the draw? maybe we ordered the wrong dishes? We had minorcan clam chowder, conch fritters, grilled shrimp, fried clams (frozen strips)-all of which ranged from bland (shrimp) to devoid of product (conch fritters and clam chowder). The guy from The Food Network with the "dives" show was there....

                      The Conch House-I had a bad feeling but the spouse was insistent. He loves conch. It was very very bad. Crab cakes made with fish, conchless fritters = bad hushpuppies) Rather expensive too.

                      Thank you all for the suggestions.