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Oct 17, 2007 09:55 AM

St. Augustine-Please Help :)

We are a large group of out of state (CA, CO, PA) foodies visiting late November. Looking for recs for the following:

Ice Cream
Oyster Bar (Best deal on oysters)
High End-Opus 39?
Bar wirth Live Music
Funky Local Hangs

Really appreciate your input.



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  1. Our favorite Special Dinner place is La Parisienne. They have some nice wines and great food that is approachable enough for a non-foodie to enjoy, but well-executed.

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    1. re: ejtayl

      I don't think they're open anymore. I was walking around the old city a few months ago and it was a totally different restaurant. Anyone know what happened or if they moved?

    2. Had lunch at Cap's. Location, location, location! Very beautiful views. Food - ok from short lunch menu. Dinner menu looks better. They have an impressive award winning wine list.

      Breakfast at The Beachcomber (2 A Street) - is popular for its sunrise breakfasts of oversize pancakes, which can be personalized with blueberries, bananas or pecans. This was wonderful. Just a shack on the beach. Got right in with the locals and had a great friendly time.

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        The Beachcomber is fantastic for breakfast. It's literally on the sand with indoor and outdoor seating.

      2. The best seafood place, hands down, is O'Steens! It is a local place with lots of charm. Mos def a local favorite!

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          I was going to recommend O'Steens, but the original poster said they were large group. Depending on the size of the group, I'm not sure O'Steens would work.

          It is my favorite place in St. Augustine for oysters. Saltwater Cowboy's also has very good "Florida Cracker" type food in a unique atmosphere. Their fried oysters are some of the best I've had.

        2. Try the Manatee Cafe for an outstanding casual funky breakfast. The place is mostly organic/vegetarian with a few non-vegetarian items on the menu. I love the breakfast burrito with side salad/lemon tahini dressing.

          Opus 39 gets my vote for upscale. Great food, reasonable price fixed menu, hands-on chef. Nice wine shop in the back where you can order by-the-glass.

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          1. re: Windsor

            Thanks everyone. My husband and I are pescatarians, so we are always looking for good vegetarian options.

            We will surely have oysters everyday.

            Wondering about Pizza?

          2. Without a doubt, Opus 39! It is so much fun to go back to the wine store and pick out your bottle of wine and bring it to the table. The chef is a CIA graduate who is very creative and will come out and check on things. This is fine dining without having to break the bank. Go price fixed.