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Oct 17, 2007 09:50 AM

Eating Groups/Clubs in Southern Alabama

Does anyone know of any eating groups or clubs in Alabama? Would anyone be interested in joining one? Could be casual - meeting every once in a while at an agree-upon restaurant. Could be more structured - meeting once a month, learning about specific cuisines, etc. I've just moved back to Alabama from California, and although I am very happy to be home, I'm missing my food-loving friends in California. I need some new ones here. Most of my friends and family consider driving three hours because you've heard that a country store has the best pimento cheese and you just have to try it to be
"excessive." Isn't that funny?

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  1. here are two message boards I use that have some foodies- it's mainly for montgomery but I bet you could fish around and stir up some interest. I know a good number of people in the montgomery area that are into food motivated.