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Anyone know where to get Sorrel In the West end of Toronto?

I seem to be blogging more about ingredients than about restaurants.... hmm Well a couple of tips on ingredients for those who read this post (however unrelated to the post in many ways - T & T on Cherry St. is open and they have a pretty ridiculous price on some decent meat - Pork Tenderloin for about $8.00/kg and Beef Tenderloin for about $11.00/kg and both meats are decent quality - no angus or beautifully aged/kobe meat here. I also got some frozen abalone there for a decent price however I'm totally going to experiment with it and have never prepared it before, so I'll put something up about how that turns out).

So, Sorrel - the leafy plant has been seemingly disappearing around town, it used to be pretty available in the west end, but now the demand may have diminished so the availability went down and the price went up where my friend did find it (St. Lawrence Market seasonally).

Anyone have some tips for the west end.

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  1. the carribean shops in kensington market often have it (saw it there a couple of weeks ago but can't remember which shop). not exactly west end, but west of yonge:)

    1. If you have the space to grow it and are looking for a long term solution, you can pick up several varieties at Richters. They deliver. It is easy to grow.

      Goodwood Rd, Uxbridge, ON L9P, CA

      1. Yes, Sorrel is generally available in Kensington, around Eglinton West & Oakwood and probably a lot of other Caribbean neighbourhoods that I am not familiar with BUT it is a 'summer' crop. I would think it probably isn't available at this point unless it's being shipped up here from Jamaica (among other Islands)...it doesn't keep very well so I doubt you'll find it at this time.

        1. Call Boncheff Greenhouses(Kipling+Dundas).They supply fresh herbs across the GTA. Most usually a buck a pac.

          1. If you are looking for dried sorrell, the Carribean stores should have it now, or quite soon. It's usually served as a drink around Christmas time, which I'm sorry to say is not that far away. There, I've said it!!!

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              and what a drink it is!!
              It's a gorgeous deep red colour, has lots of ginger in it..can be served cold (most of the time) and also hot! SORREL PUNCH is THE 'drink' at Christmas and New Years! To me it beats Egg Nog hands down! The 'soft drink' people also make a store-bought version (not as good as home made), maybe it's available in some of the West Indian stores either now or during the Christmas season.

            2. Okay, after lots of quizzing my co-workers and co-chefs at chef school it appears that we are talking about two entirely different things.
              North Americans / Europeans - green leaf similar to spinach
              West Indian - Dried red flower buds, seems to be related to Hibiscus

              That said I really want to try this Sorrel punch (West Indian)

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                Mila...when I get to Jamaica in December I will find a recipe for SORREL PUNCH and send it to you...I leave the first week of December. By the way...Sorrel Punch is made from the red flower buds/blossoms and is related to Hisbiscus. I just had a thought, you could probably look up "sorrel' on the internet...but I will still send a recipe....

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                  PearlD, that would be awesome. You can find recipes on the internet but sometimes the true authentic recipes never make it there. I understand sorrel punch is a Christmas treat.

                  Looking forward to it.

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                  Topping this because I'm looking for the green leaf similar to spinach variety. Anybody know where to find it in the West End?

                  1. re: Davedigger

                    Any garden center with a good selection of herbs should have it.
                    I would avoid the green/red variegated leaves, as their was no bitter lemon flavor in one I got at Loblaws last year.
                    Richter's herbs has a selection of sorrel seeds, which will grow quickly, and plants.http://www.richters.com/Web_store/web...

                3. Someone mentioned it but Boncheff Herbs should have it.
                  Boncheff Herbs
                  374 Olivewood Road
                  (416) 233-6922

                  1. Thank you all once again for making Chowhound the best food related resource around - and I agree with Mila - the Punch sounds spectacular. I'm always down for some new ingredients.