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Oct 17, 2007 09:41 AM

Need Cafe des Artistes help

S.O. and I, are dining Friday at Cafe des Artistes. Wonder if anybody as any suggestions.

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    1. Curiously enough, they seem to be quite well known for their delicious mojitos, which are big, strong, and made with plenty of mint leaves. The moules frites are pretty good, and I've never been unhappy with their fish specials.

      1. Their menu is enticing but fails to deliver in flavor (which should tell you something about a FRENCH restaurant failing to deliver in flavor). If it's too late to change plans, then try the Paella Pearl Pasta. It resembles something close to a great dish they used to have but pulled off the menu. Their fries are tasty as well, and their brioche pudding dessert was memorable.

        1. I've had some very good pastas and excellent sea bass and good mac n cheese.