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Oct 17, 2007 09:38 AM

What's the word on Rain?

I was watching a Food Network special years back documenting the opening of this restaurant. It looked to be a spectacular place, is it? What's the food like?

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  1. very "showy" if you like to look not eat your food the place to go .. might have to stop at Burrito Boyz on way home to satisfy your appetite ...

    1. While I don't endorse the author of this article, I certainly believe Morimoto lends weight. A hefty amount of credibility weight.

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        When I saw that article today, I was confused, because they say that pic is of Guy Rubino. That's not who I recall being Guy Rubino from the show: Am I missing something? It's quite possible, since it's one of those days...

        Edited to say, never mind, I figured out that the picture is of Michael Symon, but I think the way they caption it, it appears they are referring to Rubino in the pic.

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          Guess we now know who wins (won) Next Iron Chef....

      2. Not worth it at all. Agreed you'll stop off for some street food on the way home. I think they stay in business due to the location. Many tourists go there, but its never on the list of top places for chowhounders. I was taken there by my company, and was dissapointed. At least it was free. If I had to pay I would have complained about some dishes to the waiter/chef.

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          Strange, I was there a few months ago, not by choice, but a friend was staying at the Germain Hotel and it was the closest to it.
          We called, they were very cordial, arrived late around 10pm, our Waiter was very young, but knew his stuff, we were very very blown away.
          The food was outstanding, we ordered several dishes and shared.
          Seriously the food is what makes this place and the atmosphere is warm and inviting.
          I am not a big fan of the Chefs, re: tv show, but again, it was the food and the service that made us wanting to go back again. SPECTACULAR!

        2. my experience was over a year ago and a rather different one at that so considering i didn't have to cough up the bucks a few others did... i was quite happy with it.

          they were able to match a variety of flavours amazingly well but in addition to that, if you skipped out on one sauce that missing component was definitely felt. my particular meal didn't have as many asian overtones as i expected, and while the ingredients were certainly incorporated... none of it screamed that i could get it anywhere else.

          i recall my main disappointment was with the dessert, considering their pastry chef is constantly noted as one of the best in toronto... perhaps my sights were set high. but the texture of his panna cotta was appalling and overall just not cohesive enough fo rme.

          the design of the bar area is certainly spectacular but i didn't find anything else of the styling remarkable.

          1. I had the tasting menu with wine pairings a month or so ago and I found it to be fantastic. The individual servings of food were small, but there were enough courses that we were all full by the end of the meal. One of the best tasting menus I've ever had.