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Oct 17, 2007 09:32 AM

Oro or Opus

Where would everyone suggest I eat out at this upcoming weekend? I know one is french and one is Italian but , i'm cuirous about the food itself, and mabye some experiences some of you guys have had.

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  1. Does anyone know anything about the restaurant Oro, food, service , anything???

    1. I've been disappointed by Oro on a number of occasions.

      The atmosphere is formal and cold. Many dishes are just mediocre.

      Better chow to be found, especially for the price.

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      1. re: JonasBrand

        Have you been to Oro since it's huge changes in the back and front? Former Lure chef now there. The new owner was part of the management team for Mark McEwan's restos. I've been dying to try it now that it seems to be transforming. Their pedigrees bode well.

        1. re: Googs

          Haven't been yet, but Joanne Kates of the Globe and Mail gave the new team a pretty great review.

      2. Definately Opus-but don't go expecting French cuisine or you'll be disapointed. Food is more cal/continental with a strong empahsis on game. Two of my favoite apps are the wild mushroom ragout and the tempura tuna. I've had great venison, dear, elk and good old plain steaks. Service is great, the chairs are really comfortable and the whole dining experience is awesome. Unbelieveable wine list in cost and variety. One of the best resaurants in the city. Enjoy

        1. I've never been to Opus. However, I would say NO to Oro. I went there about 2 years ago after I found out that it was rated among's Top 10. However, I was disappointed at the ambience and food. Nothing really special to write about.

          1. I was at Opus a few months ago in the summer and had a really lovely meal. I believe we had a 7pm reservation, and it started filling up fairly quickly after that. I cant recall all the details but I believe I had an Atlantic cod which some type of delicious orange glaze for the main, where my boyfriend had some type of venison I believe? And to start we had some deliciously sauteed mushrooms. For dessert we ordered one molten lava cake with creme fraise ice cream and they brought two but didnt charge us.. we only ordered one in the first place b/c I dont like chocolate so I thought I woudl just have a taste but OMG after one bite I ate the entire thing within 2 minutes haha it was one of the best desserts Ive ever had in a restaurant. I would recommend it, especially if you're a wine drinker, they have an INCREDIBLE dictionary of a wine list