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Oct 17, 2007 09:29 AM

Celebratory dinner for 10

Any suggestions on where to go for a celebratory dinner for 10? We're staying in Beverly Hills, but are willing to travel outside the area a bit. We're looking at Saturday Nov 3, and I know that's not a lot of time for advance reservations. So recs on where I should try that will accommodate our big group that we may be able to secure a reservation? We're looking for peak experience, (isn't that a given though?)...

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  1. Budget? preferred type of food? Likes, dislikes?

    1. budget really isn't a concern... we're all out-of-towners, so we're looking for a special LA experience. Probably not Japanese though, as we've already booked Japanese for another night. Other than that, we love great wine and great food.

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        If money isn't an issue, you could try booking the private room at Pizzeria Mozza.

      2. Chef's table at Providence
        Messob for an Ethiopian Feast! (plus, it's affordable, get lotsa combo platters!)
        Ca Del Sole in North Hollywood
        Gonpachi (?)