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Oct 17, 2007 08:44 AM

New Yorkers in Paris - price ranges

I am taking my partner on his first trip to Paris for his Birthday. The trip is a surprise, and I would like to go ahead and do some meal planning and budgeting. We will be there the last week of November (runs into December). I haven't been in Paris in 10 years, so I don't know what to expect for price ranges. Warning, once I understand price ranges, I may ask for recs.

I am much more adventurous than he is, but when we are abroad he will try anything once.

Could someone provide some basic price ranges for:

Fine Dining:

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Bistro-brasserie: between 30 and 140 per person (all included)
    Fine-dining (starred restaurants): 200-500 per person / 100 for lunch menus

    Best thing to do is to check the Michelin guide: for more detailed prices

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      And remember that the price printed on the menu is the price you pay, tax and service is already built into the price on the menu.

    2. Thank you! it sounds alot like New York prices - if it were only in $ instead of Euros!
      I have laid out a couple of key meals below - I know everyone asks for recommendations so thanks for your forebearance.

      We are staying at the Hotel Latour Maubourg in the 7th near Les Invalides and I think we are directly across from the Latour Maubourg Metro and near the RER station.

      General recommendations - somewhere to grab breakfast near the hotel would be great. When I lived in Strasbourg I loved my petite pain au chocolate in the morning, but I need a little protein these days. So somewhere with more than just pastries would be ideal.

      The day we arrive - dinner - Any recommendations on the lower end of the Bistro/Brasserie range for the first evening near our hotel would be wonderful

      The Birthday Dinner - the most important meal - Any recommendations in the 80 - 120 euro range per person. Will travel. this is for my partner's birthday and I would like for it to be a special meal. To give you a picture of what he likes - In New York some of our favorite places include
      The Modern (barroom), Lupa, Babbo, Landmarc, el Parador, March (now closed), - In other words great food, but not too pretentious. Only other restriction is that he doesn't eat very much fish or organ meats (I love both!). He Loves a lot of French Bistro and brasserie fare, but neither of us have had a lot of Haute Cuisine, and I want to make sure it is somewhere where he will not be intimidated by the ambience or the food. Sorry if I am creating too many contradictions. Ask me questions if you want more specifics.

      Dinner - final night in Paris - Preferably something in the Marais (gay-friendly) in the 50-80 Euro range. Maybe something a little bit different (keeping in mind the fish and organ meat aversions above).

      Thank you for your help - I always try to return the favor on the Manhattan boards.

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        Your hotel is very near a quite good modern bistro, Chez les Anges. I think they have a 32e menu.

        Also close by are two very good one stars, Violon d'Ingres and les Ormes. There is lots of good eating in the 7th. These would be good birthday spots and meet your price range. Les Ormes is a bit more intimate than Violon.

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          March was my favorite restaurant in all NY....

          You might like Maceo for the birthday dinner. They do a fab b'day dessert for you if you let them know. Food is delicious, and the place is beautifully restored (historic old Paris resto called Le Mercure). Prices are reasonable, and they offer a wide variety of dishes on their menu. It's behind the Palais Royale in the 1er, at 15 rue des Petits Champs.

          1. re: ChefJune

            Thanks ChefJune (I miss March!) and f2 these look great, and Maceo really fits the bill for the Birthday.

            If you have any recommendations in the Marais they would be greatly appreciated.

          2. re: centrejack

            La Source is the cafe on the corner; friendly staff and a good place for a Kir or breakfast. Florimond is great value and non-smoking. Across the street from Florimond is Leo le Lion, more expensive but also more focus on fish dishes (chef is from Le Divellec). The best one star in the area is Vin sur Vin, a half block from the Tour Eiffel. Le Clos des Gourmets could also work for your bithday dinner.

          3. I love your hotel! It is just across the street from the metro, one with an escalator-good for the end of a long day. For bistro, there's a good one around the corner (out the door, turn right, I'm sorry I can't remember the name). For dinners, the world is your pearl-being at that metro stop makes your big splurge easily accessible! The Musee Rodin is very closeby, and romantic (see The Kiss)! Bon voyage!

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              I will check out the Bistro - I am sure the staff at the hotel can make great recommendations.

              Thanks Gratin - I have been to the Musee Rodin, and it is one of my favorite places in Paris. I actually chose the hotel because it is nearby. I first visited Paris when I was in College ('94) and I had a moment in the garden of the Musee Rodin. The sun was shining on an unseasonably warm day in February. I was strolling through the garden with a fellow student. I looked up at the casting of the Thinker with the shining dome of Les Invalides behind him. It was an inspirational moment. I know this sounds cheesy (and I love Fromage) but it brought to mind my college's motto and we both said it at the same time - Doctrina Lux Mentis (Learning is the light of the mind).

              Sorry to gush, I just can't wait for this trip. Thanks for the recommendation and the good wishes.

            2. I have stayed at the hotel you are staying at, didn't care for the woman who runs it. She was very snotty, and got annoyed if you got a phone call. They close the place up at night and do not forget the code to open the gate or your screwed. It is right across from the metro. I have been to Paris 6 times in the past 3 years. There are a lot of great bistros righht around where you are staying. Here are some suggestions:
              Petit Troquet
              Au Bon Accueil
              Cafe Constant
              Fountain de Mars...Open Sunday

              Not in the 7th
              Le Veix Bistro ...Right next to Notre Dame
              Le Petit Pontoise
              Chez Denise
              Monsier Lapin

              Make sure you go to Rue Cler, it is such a great little pedestrian only street, full of great litttle shops. Street vendors, great chocolate shop, and fromage shop, Olivier Oils has some great things to bring home, oils, herbs etc...dont miss the Masion du Jarbon, get everything you need for a picnic lunch!!! The greatest little hotel, where everyone is warm and friendly the Grand LeVeque. Stop in the Cafe du Marche, good food, not haute cuisine, but great for lunch for very cheap prices, say hello to my good friend Michele, if he is working!!!

              1. In the Marais, I love le Dome du Marais and le 3. Le 3 is gay-owned, I don't think Dome is, but both get a mixed clientele. Price range is moderate. The ambience at le Dome du Marais is wonderful. The restaurant is in a former auction room that is round with a domed ceiling several stories above, all beautifully restored and gilded. Surprisingly elegant for the price.

                A short subway ride from your hotel is l'Os a Moelle in the 15th. You get 5 courses for 36 euros. Wonderful food in a simple bistro atmosphere.

                For the birthday dinner, I am thinking you might like le W in the Warwick hotel. The modern building is hideous, but the restaurant is charming and comfortable. It is one of the lowest priced restaurants that have a Michelin star, and the food is contemporary and interesting but will not intimidate anyone.