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Fresh Olives to Cure

Oh ya, it's olive season (nifty article in the NYTimes today) and we're looking for fresh olives to cure. Anyone out there know of a source? I'm going to check in with folks from Monterey Market and Berk. Bowl but though I'd ask the Chowhound circle.

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    1. Knoll farms at the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market has them when they're in season.

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        I bought them last year at Knoll Farms. Sadly, I never got to make them though :(

        However, when you buy the olives from Knoll Farm, you give them your email address and they send you an olive recipe from Chris Cosentino (of Incanto). So that's pretty cool.

        I've also seen raw olives recently at the Wednesday Civic Center market, at the stand that sells lots of citrus and grapes - kind of right in the middle of the plaza. I forget the name of the farm.

      2. There are 2 trees at Pacific and Battery (across form the old ship saloon) that used to just drop a ton of olives on the sidewalk. You could pull up a car, drop a tarp, shake the trees and run. Saturdays and Sundays the area is deserted. I always felt someone should take advantage of them, provided you have the drive to cure your own olives. (I don't)

        1. I have an olive tree, live in Alameda and if you want to come take mine you are more than welcome. If so, post an interest and I'll give you my email.

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            I'm not the original requester, but I too have been looking for local olives to cure. If there's enough to go around, I'm interested! Thanks.

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              I think we can share! Foodfan, are your olives ripe for harvest?

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                To respond to both Clara and GirlfromBerkeley,
                Glad to help ~ I have one tree but it has a lot of fruit. My husband sweeps our drive twice a day so I would think they are falling because they are ripe. My email address is chilton6@aol.com. Drop me a line and I'll tell you my address. You can go over anytime to harvest, I don't need to be there because the tree is in my front yard.

          2. I once saw them at Andronico's during the season, fresh and uncured. Also, around where I live (Pleasant Hill) there are public areas with olive trees!! So I pick those and combine them with my puny crop. I am trying a straight salt cure this year, my lye cure didn't go so well last year.

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              There are fresh olives at the alemany farmer's market now. Mr Nash has some, along with olive oil and other goodies, and I think I've seen some at De Santis Farms, too.

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                Just got back from Alemany Farmer's Market and many (at least 4) stands were selling olives.

                Dave Mp

            2. There are tons of unloved olive trees on Campus Drive East at Bowdoin down on the Stanford campus.

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                Steve, do you have any idea what type of olive trees they are? I live nearby and am going to try curing some.

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                  Speaking of which, there are many olive trees on Story Rd in San Jose. When I lived there the apartment complex I lived planted an olive tree on each patio. All they did was annoy me ... having to sweep the patio so often.

              2. There's a stand at the Sunday farmers market in San Rafael that sells fresh olives.

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                  Knoll sells olives at Ferry Plaza and they will send you a recipe from Chris Cosentino.(This may be somewhere else in this thread.)

                2. Monterey Market has been a great source for me.

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                    There was a great site about the picking and curing of olives on Park Boulevard in Oakland.
                    It was several years ago and unfortunately I have lost it. Anyone still have it?

                  2. There are two trees on Talbot in Albany between Gilman and Marin dropping olives all over the sidewalk.