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Oct 17, 2007 08:32 AM

French onion soup - DC - Lunch

Hi everyone! My friend and I are looking for a place to get french onion soup in DC for lunch today... we're looking around McPherson Square/Metro Center ... any suggestions??

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  1. How about Bistro D'Oc. It's near the Metro Center metro stop. I'm almost positive they are open for lunch and their french onion soup is delicious. Try it with the goat cheese salad and you will be more then happy.

    1. Les Halles may be a bit of a walk from metro center, but they have an excellent onion soup (the recipe is on the site here and I just can't make it taste as good, but I am trying) and it isn't very pricey at all!

      1. Elephant & Castle has it on the menu

        1. Poste has it on their menu, too....

            1. re: Geoff

              Bistro Bis has great french onion soup but it's not really near metro center/McPherson Square.