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Oct 17, 2007 08:31 AM

Ristorante Spirito DiVino

My wife and I ate at Ristorante Spirito DiVino about a year and a half ago, actually, we ate there twice during our week in Roma. Just wondering if any hounds have been there recently, and if so how did you like it? Obviously, we liked it quite a bit, having gone twice in one week. We are leaving for Roma on the 26th of October, this time we are taking our 21 year old niece as a college grad. gift. She loves all types of food and plan to bring her here. Just looking for an updated report.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi Magnum, this is one of my favorite lunch stops. Very small menu and limited seatings-- a kind of hidden gem. It is still a great spot for lunch.... dinner, i think i would try something a bit more fun, and in Trastevere-- Il Conte Tacchia, Augustarello, Da Lucia-- the evenings have great atmosphere.

    1. I haven't been recently, but always enjoyed it. It might be too quiet for a 21 year old, unless she's a chow hound.

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        Thanks for the replies, moscerina and bropaul. I think we'll take her there. She's indeed a Chowhound, plus Romeo will give her a history lesson on his wine cellar. We can take her to other fun places during the week.

        Thanks again for chiming in, I appreciate it!