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Oct 17, 2007 08:28 AM

Hell Night!

I just made a reservation last night. They said that there were only a few reservations for small parties left.

I am excited, but I hope they step it up this time (hint hint if anyone from ECG is reading this board). At the Hell Night last Spring, the menu sounded great, but the heat was just not there. Everything should have been labeled 2 or 3 bombs less.

I'm not a masochist, but I do like a little pain (usually in the 4-7 bomb range), so I hope there is no false advertising this time.

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  1. I will be there for Hell-o-ween on the 29th. I went last October and it was defintely kicked up a notch over the last few but I have heard that the spring Hell Night was not as butt-kicking!

    I can't wait!

    1. I read that they're going to serve naga jolokia peppers this session. Scary, scary stuff.

      2-3 times hotter than haberneros.

      Oh, yeah!

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      1. re: Bostonbob3

        A friend of mine is from Nagaland and at times gets me some of these dried.

        They. Are. Hot.

        1. re: jgg13

          I am afraid. I am VERY afraid! :)

      2. Didn't you didn't try the chicken wings? I agree the steak and the ribs were in the 3 bomb range but the chicken wings numbed the lips of everyone at my table.

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        1. re: mkel34

          The "Wings of ass destruction" (4 bombs) are right up there, although not near as deadly, with the "Pasta From Hell" (9 bombs!). The wet ribs in Inner Beauty sauce were also pretty damn hot but very tasty. The dishes really seem to sway from the bomb scale a bit as certain 3 bomb dishes were hotter than the 5 bomb ones and vice versa.

          1. re: TomH

            I had the wings and they were so hot I thought I would die. I love love love hot and spicy food and it was even difficult for me to eat. The Habernaro martini is super hot too. I had a pasta and seafood dish that was almost inedible because it was too hot. I think that when you take dishes and make them way way too hot it takes away from the enjoyment of it. I can handle very very hot food but this is even too hot for me.

        2. i would love to make it this year,maybe next,but i know for a fact ECG ads for real.Including some of the new twists on some old recipes.Pasta from Hell made with nagas would truly be AWESOME!!!!Chris is gonna kick butt this year,I hope all you chili-heads are ready for some real heat from the kitchen.Let's just say I hooked him up good this year,and if that's still not hot enough,up another notch next year!ENJOY!

          1. So I booked a table, going for the first time ever. Is this like a standard meal where you order all at once, or are the amenable to ordering as you go? The reason that I ask is that it'd be nice to get a couple of things at a particular level in order to calibrate how high (or, more likely, how low) I really should be looking?

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            1. re: jgg13

              Tip: apps tend to be a bit hotter than the entrees. If I were you, I'd order all at once. If you piecemeal it then you're more likely to wimp out after the apps. Just go for it. You could also order one meal from the wimp menu to 'balance' it out.
              Here's another tip: if you eat something with your fingers (like the wings of ass destruction), be careful when you go to the bathroom, very careful. You know that sting in your eye you get after rubbing the eye with peppery fingers? Same applies to the jewels.