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Oct 17, 2007 08:08 AM

Boston Area's Best Lunches?

My husband and I are staying around here for our vacation next week and are looking for suggestions for places to go to lunch in the Boston and Metrowest Areas. So what are your favorites?

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  1. Where are you staying, food preferences, price range, will you have car to travel?

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    1. re: bakerboyz

      Galleria Umberto on Hanover St. in the North End, Monday through Saturday for arrancini (rice balls) and pizza, Durgin Park (good lunch specials), Oishi in Chestnut Hill for excellent sushi, Bartley's Burger Cottage in Harvard Square, and several places in Chinatown for dim sum.

      1. re: chuck s

        Just a caution on Durgin Park. I was there a few weeks ago for lunch and the 86 list was longer than the menu. They didn't have oysters, lobster, or clams.

    2. I live here in Waltham but usually am not out and about for weekday lunches b/c of work.

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        Waltham has a boatload of good places for lunch: New Mother India (Indian buffet), Erawan of Siam or Green Papaya (both Thai), Bison County (BBQ), Taqueria Mexico (Mexican, and for the area pretty authentic), and Domenic's (Italian and subs) will start you off. Sadie's is a board favorite for steak tips (haven't been) and some like Carl's for huge steak subs (less a favorite of mine, but there's much worse). There are also a few Salvadoran spots that are good whose names escape me.

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          The two places I'm planning to hit for lunch when I take a few days off next month are Galleria Umberto and Chacarero.

        2. my current fav for lunch is to to go the super 88 food court in allston--there are quite a lot of options (vietnamese, ramen, indian, chinese, taiwanese, some others i'm forgetting) that are tasty and not very expensive.

          1. Sultan's Kitchen for Mediterranean food-Broad St. in the Financial District. Redbones in Davis Square for BBQ.

            1. Neptune for, of course, oysters.
              Antico Forno for chicken parm
              Artu for pizza with gorgonzola; potato and prosciutto
              Marias for a slice of the riccota pie with the chocolate in the middle
              Cafe Paradiso for expresso martinis
              Silvertones for mac & cheese with a nice glass of wine
              Shabu Zen on Tyler St in Chinatown for hot pot cooking
              Drinks atthe Oceana Lounge at the Marriot Long Wharf for the view

              Well, it's a start at least.