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Oct 17, 2007 08:04 AM

Shipwreck Grille or Table?

It's my birthday next week and I'm between these 2 places for my husband and I. Any thoughts? Looking for a good experience with food and atmosphere but I don't have any particular cuisine in mind.
Which would you choose?

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  1. Where is Table. I really like the Shipwreck - we went a few weeks ago, they made our party of 6 wait 1 hour for our table - we made the reservations a month ago - unfortunatly they're always crowded because the choices are poor in southern monmouth count.
    Have you thought about Whispers??

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    1. re: briellefoodie

      Table is in Little Silver.
      We've been to Whispers and that's an idea. Hadn't thought about it.
      It's a Wednesday night so I'm hoping "waiting" won't be a problem.

      I don't want some place that is SUPER loud. We went to That's Amore last week (Marlboro) and honestly I won't return. Should post separately about that.

      1. re: mbw1024

        My one visit to Shipwreck in August on a weeknight was very good, but very loud (we were seated in the bar area, but the dining room seemed quite loud as well). I recommend Shipwreck, but you may want to consider it for another occasion if noise is an important consideration.

    2. I've been to Table three times. It's a BYOB. Mostly known for their steaks. But I got the salad and the coconut shrimp. Everything was delicious. Nice presentation. And he makes a great ice cream dessert.
      The place is quiet. It's not one of those restaurants with the chairs touching each other. I prefer to sit by the front window. It's more out of the way. There are about 4 tables in the middle to avoid.
      Never been to the Shipwreck Grille.

      1. If you can afford it, try Nicholas.(It's your birthday after all) If you need a less costly alternative, try Piero's in Union Beach

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        1. re: Tay

          do we have to be "dressed" for Nicholas?

          1. re: mbw1024

            While there is no dress code at Nicholas, you will see many men in jackets in the formal dining room, but smart casual is totally acceptable. If you dine at the bar, dress can be very casual.