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Oct 17, 2007 07:54 AM

60th birthday in KC!

Hello! We will be celebrating my Mom's 60th birthday around Thanksgiving. My sister and I both grew up in KC, but have not lived there for many years. We are both foodies in our respective cities (Chicago and Seattle) and do visit great places whenever we are there, but feel out of the KC restaurant loop. We want to plan a progressive dinner for her birthday. Make a stop for champagne, then dinner and finally dessert. Does anyone have any special places in mind that might work for this? We would prefer to stay around the downtown area or nearby. Thank you so much for your help!

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  1. We celebrated my daughter's 30th at Trezo Mare in Briarcliff. We had a great time, food, atmosphere and service were very good.

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      I'm not sure if I ate at the same Trezo Mare everyone is raveing about but I gave it a 5 out of 10, being a great, cook myself it fell short to say the least. First, off I finally got my salad half way through my meal, the meal itself the fish was cooked to perfection but the crab stuffing it was served with, was for one not a good idea even in theory,second it was more like a pile of gross soggy mush. I felt like we were in some kind of bubble, that no one else could see. My husband had to ask for his water to be refilled, after placeing our order I could not find my waiter to ask for my salad we were sat about ten minutes before the table to our left and some how they had been served there bread,soup, and salad and meal as we sat there staring at each other wondering why we could'nt even get a glass of water. Was not impressed at ALL for the $$$ we paid. I could of had better service any where!!!

    2. Here is the local restaurant guide link. It doesn't list everyplace, but you can see some menus. I loved my b-day dinner at the Majestic Steakhouse downtown. I hear Le Fou Frog is a great place for a drink, and you might think about Pierpont's in Union Sta. for dessert.

      1. Personally I am not a fan of the Majestic. My husband gets free tradeouts from the Majestic from his job and we throw them away. Piropo's in Briarcliff is one the best places in town and offers truly great prime steaks even though it is not billed as a steakhouse. Nice views and atmosphere. Starkers Reserve on the Plaza is great as well for a special dinner. Le Fou Frog is fun for a drink or dinner and would have nice champange. The indoor bar area is very small but they have a tent area that is open most of the year you might call ahead to verify. Otherwise McCormick and Schmick on the Plaza has a popular and fun bar area but am not sure it is really the place to sip champagne. Michael Smith of 40 Sardines and The American Rest. fame just opened a new place in the Crossroads District called Michael's??? haven't been there yet but it should be good. Check for reviews on this board.

        1. Sorry I was just rereading the posts to your request and the bar at Pierpont's in Union Sta. is really cool for before dinner drinks. Haven't personally eaten there in a bit because I don't like the food that much so I can't tell you what the desserts are like (Pierpont's is owned by the same group that runs the Hereford House's in KC. Just OK but better than the Majestic.)

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            Since they have changed chef's the food or menu for that matter has suffered greatly used to be the best place to get sea bass now not even offered. Cool attmosphere is all you get now.

          2. Thanks so much for all of the helpful posts. We have been to Piropo's and really enjoyed our meal. I will add it to the list. We were also thinking about Starkers Reserve. My husband and I had our rehearsal dinner there and it was lovely. Le Fou Frog is one of my our favorites, but maybe a bit too noisy for us. There are so many good options that I know it will be hard to choose. I appreciate all of the suggestions. One more thing...has anyone been to JP's Winebar? Or, the private tasting area at The Cellar Rat?

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              JP Wine Bar is excellent -- both the wine and the small plates/nibbles. They offer a wide range of wine flights (3 or 4 small glasses per flight), which is even more fun if you have several people who don't mind sipping out of the same glass!