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Oct 17, 2007 07:17 AM

Ruffinos, Baton Rouge?

Has anyone tried Ruffinos in Baton Rouge? Trying to find out what is good. Am planning to eat there this weekend.

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  1. Ruffino's is one of my favorite Baton Rouge restaurants. Upscale but comfortable, with a well-rounded menu and lots of wine picks. It's Italian, but it has really good seafood specialties. My favorite is the cedar plank baked redfish with crabmeat on top. Their pork chops are delicious with the chef's homemade worcestershire on the side. We started going there for special occasions but the food is so good we go a couple times a month these days.

    1. OH.... Make a reservation because it gets pretty busy!!!

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        We do have a reservation. My husband loves pork chops, so glad to know they are good there. I am a seafood person, so will try the redfish. Thanks so much!

      2. I haven't had the pork chops but have had the salmon. I prefer the filet and rosemary potatoes. The crabmeat cheesecake appetizer is delicious. You will enjoy your dinner!