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Oct 17, 2007 06:39 AM

Best Once In A Lifetime Manhattan Meal?

Where to go?

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  1. All depends on what you want. I'm sure a lot of people would say Per Se. I would opt for Daniel.

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      1. re: georgelambert

        Wonderful but fish influenced. If you want more selection and creativity go Daniel.

        1. re: Spiritchaser

          agreed, although i tried some of my friend's waygu beef there once and it was possibly the greatest thing i've ever placed on my tongue.

          1. re: krunkymunky

            Are you talking about the Waygu beef at per se? If so, I agree wholehartedly.

            1. re: tpigeon

              actually, it was at le bernadin! one half of a surf-and-turf.

    1. I'd have to opt for Per Se. The food is inventive and delicious but it's the total experience that is so memorable.

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      1. re: Tay

        a few years ago i went to per se and it came to be the best meal of my life to that point. a few months later i went to alain ducasse at the essex house and it was even better. not that the food at alain ducasse was better, but the service: at per se i felt that the service was as if the waitstaff knew that the night was a special occasion for us and that we were so lucky to be eating there; at alain ducasse the waitstaff treated us as if to say "of course you deserve to have this incredible meal with impeccable service and a beautiful flower arrangement and a special stool for your girlfriend's purse. it is our honor to humbly serve you." !!!

        of course, this is chowhound and not service hound.

        and alain ducasse at the essex house is closed.

        so i'll just say per se and keep it simple.

        1. re: krunkymunky

          I found the food at ducasse to be lacking, but as with all things, preferences are subjective.
          As for Per Se... You were fortunate to be dining there, but they were also fortunate to have had you as a patron.

          1. re: krunkymunky

            I <3 and miss Alaine Ducasse.

            I like to eats.

        2. Per Se. I have been to many of what are considered the top restaurants in NYC. Per Se is the best of them. I thought Jean Georges was second btw.

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          1. Apologies to all the Hounders who have seen me tireless vouch and rave for this particular Manhattan restaurant that has transformed my life and outlook on fine dining...

            Per Se.

            George, I cannot stress the magnificence of my experience here and hope you'll make the decision to do yourself a favor and at least try for a reservation (you might not be so lucky, but if you have some hookups ie. an Amex Centurion concierge make the reservation, you just might!).

            The food and service was simply impeccable...and the food simply doesn't stop coming. It was the best $350 dollars I have ever spent!

            For pictures on my experience at Per Se, feel free to check out:

            1. Per Se, Per Se, Per Se-
              Daniel is great but you asked for once in lifetime