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Oct 17, 2007 06:10 AM

Baking for a crowd...what to send it in and recipes...

Hello everyone....My husband is wanting to do something for his teachers that work for him at his school. He suggested baking a variety of things. Does anyone have ANY idea what I can use to put the variety of goods in so it's individual for them. At one time I thought I saw a thread that had individual gift containers to send it in.

Also, any recipe suggestions??? My thoughts, 7 layer bars, Doubletree Cookies (my fav) goey butter bars. I want something to WOW them.

TIA for your help!!!

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  1. This thread is about sweets to do for the holidays:

    If you are doing volume baking, bar cookies are a good choice, as they usually are somewhat less labor-intensive than other cookies. The things that people seem to love when I make them are Nestle Tollhouse cookies done as bar cookies and using half semi-sweet chocolate and half white chocolate chips instead of all chocolate, and raspberry white chocolate bars from the landolakes website, but smeared in an 10 x 15 pan rather than the 9 x 13 pan they direct.

    I don't have any recipes, but maybe mini-banana breads, pumpkin breads, etc, baked in paper loaf pans.

    I would steer away from cookie-cutter cookies, as they are a lot of work.

    I can't find the recent thread about containers, but I suggest trying In addition to other things, they have various sizes of food-safe cellophane bags, so you could do a few small cellophane bags of different things and put all in either a box or a little shopping bag.

    1. I have recipes for delicious treats, like praline cookies, haystacks, bars, cookie press recipes, etc. that I could share, but you probably have that covered. I do want to share an idea about containers. My DH works at a place where one of the female co-workers makes them treats for every holiday. Each holiday she puts the treats, wrapped in a pretty cellophane wrapper, tied with lovely ribbon, and sets them in a individual container. For example, at Easter she had a variety of chocolate eggs, packets of jelly beans, etc., and then put in pink cellophane, tied with a green ribbon that had a nice edging on it, That sat on top of a bit of paper Easter grass inside a 3" sq. mesh basket with a handle. It was so cute we didn't want to open it! I asked her where she got the containers and she said at the craft store! You could go to a fabric store, dollar store, craft store and scope out the possibilities. They are endless, I have since realized. Now that I think of it, she may have wrapped tape on the cellophane to get a tight seal and covered it with the ribbon.

      1. I'm making cookies as a favor for my husband's 30th birthday and I bought chinese food containers with Halloween designs at AC Moore (its a craft store). They were about $1.29 each and are very fun. I plan to line them with coordinating tissue paper.
        I plan on doing a mix of chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies.

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          As to the tissue paper, see if you can get coated paper, as the butter in your cookies will otherwise leech onto the paper and leave greasy marks.

        2. IKEA has some nice glass or tin containers, inexpensive and reusable. They also have handmade paper and raffia type ribbons that you can use for the top.

          1. I was just going to recommend venetians or rainbow cookies. You can find a recipe easily by googling it. I find that it is a WOW cookie. No one thinks you can make them at home. And using real almond paste makes them taste so much better than what most people are used to. I'll also vary the colors. Instead of red yellow and green, I'll use yellow and orange for halloween, tgiving or red white and blue for 7/4, red and pink for v-day.