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Oct 17, 2007 06:02 AM

Sunday in Greenville, SC

I never realized finding a place to eat on Sunday could be so difficult! I'm trying to find a decent restaurant in Greenville to take my in-laws to, but it seems like everything's closed on Sunday. We wanted to give them a taste of the South, and my husband wants she crab soup and steak on the menu, but so far I've struck out with Soby's, Calhoun Corners, and Sassafras (although I'm skeptical of that place anyway). Any other ideas?

We ARE going to be in Asheville on Saturday, so I thought Tupelo Honey would be an excellent choice, minus not being able to make reservations...

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  1. I had the same Sunday problem earlier this month.
    Devereaux's is the best option on Sundays...but depends purely on if you want to spend that kind of cash on the in-laws.

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      With a father-in-law that is a purely meat-n-potatoes man (whose favorite veg is lima beans and can't tolerate spicy food or stringy chicken. Not sure if that has something to do with the fact that he's a dairy farmer), Devereaux's might be a waste. Heck, I'm stressing about whether or not he'll eat blue cheese burgers and broccoli slaw that I plan on making Friday!

      I think Blue Ridge might be the best option.

      (I just found your Sunday anniversary dinner thread. Should have looked for that before I posted!)