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Oct 17, 2007 05:29 AM

Last minute help needed!

A friend and I are seeing Wicked tonight at the Opera House and will be in the area around 5:30pm. Are there any great restaurants in the area that are not too fru fru and expensive? The show is tonight! We originally had reservations in the North End at Antico Forno, but worry that we won't make it to the theater in time to park and all. Help!

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  1. All of Chinatown. Montien. Silvertone. Intermission Tavern. Calif. Pizza Kitchen. There's a Know Fat on Washington St. for super quick.

    1. Well, I would probably opt for Thai and go to Montein on Tremont St. Good food and they're used to the theater rush. For a burger and homemade chips you can always go to Intermission Tavern. While Antico Forno's is one of my favorite places, they're not always great at keeping to a reservation time. Also, in the area is Penang on Washington. Love the food and they're quite good at moving people quickly.

        1. Kaze Shabu Shabu is on my list of places to try and it certainly is close to the parking lot on Allen's alley and the opera house.

          1. Thank you ...all great rec' the Allen's alley parking lot the best one to park in?

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              It's the closest one - right across the street. But I think the Hyatt underground garage may be cheaper, which is half a block away.