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Oct 17, 2007 05:28 AM

Food network suggestions

Hi all, my sister and her daughter are visiting from the Philippines and their wish list while here in Boston and NYC is to try some Food Network Chef's restaurants. for example, they want to try Blue Ginger In wellesley.
What is that restaurant of Emille lagazze in New bedford? or where he started cooking?
How about in NYC, mario batali's, Bobby Flay's or how about an Iron Chef show? Any tips would help.
Also suggestions for excellent food from the North End please

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  1. Emeril Lagasse's restaurants are in New Orleans & Las Vegas primarily with 1 in Gulfport MS. Go to the NYC Manhattan Board for NYC places. I recommend Prezza in the Northend - search this board for recent reviews.

    1. Lagasse grew up in Fall River, but I don't believe he has a restaurant there. In addition to the cities mentioned he has one in Orlando.

      1. Look up any of the Todd English places.

        1. Emeril did work at the Venus de Milo in Swansea (most famous for their baked/stuffed lobsters).

          1. Hi, The Boston board is for discussing restaurants only in the Boston area. For recommendations in NYC, please post a request on the Manhattan board. Here's a link to that board: