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Apr 14, 2006 01:01 AM

Desperate for Galette du Roi

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I once attended a party where I had a cake so fabulous that I have dreamt about it ever since. It was called a Galette (or possibly a Gateau) du Roi. It's a big buttery almondy pastry thing with a bean hidden inside. The cake-eater who finds the bean is called the King (or Queen) and brought drinks and such. But the cake is the thing! And I want one! And I am so dumb about things French that I have no idea how to find one, and when I try searching for them on the Net I get a flood of pages in French. Help!

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  1. Here's a link to post from last year that recommends the version at Delanghe over Bay Breads.


    1. Galette des rois is a seasonal cake to celebrate the arrival of the wise men to the crib of the baby Jesus (thus: les Rois, the wise men). Tradition got extended to cover the whole month of January, but even so you will have a hard time finding it right now. Your best bet would be to special order it from Delanghe, if he's willing to do a single piece .

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        Oh poo. Thanks, Cedichou! I knew it was a seasonal cake and I was hoping it was Easter. Rois...kings...three kings! I get it now. I guess I will just have to wait till next year. And thanks, Melody, for the info on Delanghe.

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          Oops, Melanie, I meant. Not Melody. Melanie. You see how my desire for Galette des Rois has addled my mind.

      2. Pascal Janvier, the owner and pastry chef at Fleur de Cocoa in Los Gatos (, makes the galette in January for Epiphany. He might be willing to make them out of season -- and it's worth the trip even if that's not possible.

        1. This is an old post, but if you are out there, my mother is French and we make a galette du roi like you describe every year. It is super easy to make! Buy frozen puff pastry sheets, almond paste, cold salted butter, and a couple of eggs. Just thaw the puff pastry. We don't even cut it into round circles, but you can. On the first sheet, spread the softened almond paste on it with a little room around the edges. Cut up little pieces of cold butter and drop them all over the almond paste with a little space between. Place the next sheet over top and fold the edges over one another, cut a shallow pattern in the top with a sharp knife and brush with egg wash. Bake at 350 until golden and flaky. We hide a porcelain fleur-de-lit (can glaze a little button-sized porcelain shape at the do-it-yourself pottery places) and make our own paper crowns so that when the large galette is cut up, one person gets the "prize." If you're queen you pick your king or vice-versa.

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