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Shabbos Weekend in Las Vegas

My wife and i decided that we are going to go on a much needed vacation. We wanted to go away for a very extended weekend in december, so we figured that Las Vegas Christmas weekend is our best bet (no pun intended).

i figure this is a great idea because it will be hot, extremely cheap, and i think it will be better than florida because there is much more to do on shabbos. (okay not much more, but we can walk up and down the strip which is very nice and entertaining, and i think would be nice in the afternoon)

we will be arriving friday morning and leaving tuesday afternoon.

can anyone please give me kosher food advice?
1. what restaurants are good?
2. which restaurants are worth it?
3. where can i get meals for shabbos?

also i would like it if people can mention things that i should consider when going to a large hotel on the strip, and being there over shabbos (i.e. room key, automatic doors). i have thought of a lot of things but i dont want to forget aything that i should be taking into consideration.

what i am basically asking for is any tip you may have for having an awesome vegas vacation.

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  1. check out http://shamash.org/kosher/ they do have a list of kosher restaurants/caterers/grocery stores -

      1. haifa is a great restaurant. my favorite as a vegetarian is falafel, but others really like the tilapia fish and the grilled chicken.

        the pizza place is not bad..pizza dough and sauce were a little on the sweet side and was soft on the outside, but the pizza actually tasted pretty good regardless.
        have fun!

        1. Oh yea, Haifa was pretty good for meat or Israeli food.

          1. You can contact me at 702 415 4748. I will give you all needed information about Las Vegas, including our Shul,Mikvah,Eiruv,Daf Hayomi,Night Kollel,etc.

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              thank you very much, if i need to i will definetly call. but i have to tell you, its amazing that i found almost all of those things online already

            2. first of all thank you all for your responses.
              i have been doing my research, and i have found 2 different places to get shabbos meals from.
              1. Kosher on the Go
              2. Rafi's place Glatt Kosher Catering

              what are the differences between the 2?
              are they priced differently?
              what is includded in each one's shabbos package (does one give wine while the other gives grape juice?)
              things like that.

              i have heard great things about both places, but i want THE BEST. i'm sure that noone has tried both, but if you have gotten from either please give a detailed experience.


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                  yeah, mandalay bay, the southernmost hotel on the strip. why?

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                    There is a kosher "coffee bean and tea leaf" at the planet hollywood which will be across the street and close to your hotel, they have pasta salad and tuna and egg salad sandwiches in addition to cakes and cookies and coffee drinks. Its delicious. Call chabad on the Thursday before to see if anyone has borrowed their sefer torah for making a minyan on the strip. If there is a minyan, it will be at the Venetian. As for shabbos meals, I recommend Kosher on the Go. The food was outstanding. Also, the pizza store is often closed on Fridays in the winter, so be ready for that one. Also, I was just in Vegas a few weekends ago, and the weather was not hot at all. It was in the 70s during the day and the 50s at night. Great weather for walking around the strip though. Have fun!!

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                      ok, you and me need to talk because i need details. lol

                      first of all, what did u get from kosher on the go? what was the price? did they deliver? what were ur food options? did they provide wine or grape juice? did they provide anything for havdalah?

                      also, the coffee bean is in the venetian, and the hard rock is not near my hotel.

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                        We bought grape juice from them, a large bottle. They sent us shabbos candles but no havdalah supplies. The prices were OK, they have a combo meal with a main and 2 sides for about $19. I believe each meal combo deal includes challah rolls. They are very annoying because they wouldn't send me a menu, they just kept saying "well, whatever you want--we can make it for you." and I just wanted to be able to pick from the menu. In any case, the portions were pretty big and the food was good. they also charge for delivery, I forgot how much. you have to spend a lot of time with them on the phone to make sure you get what you want.

                        There are two coffee beans in the Venetian and one in the Planet Hollywood all three are kosher with certification, I personally ate at the Planet Hollywood one and personally saw the Teudah there.

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                          i stand corrected about the coffee bean, im happy to hear that.

                          did u get shabbos lunch also? what did u get?

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                            Kosher on the Go does have a website, which posts their menu. It's www.kosheronthegovegas.com. It's lists all their foods with descriptions.

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                              i've seen the website, but it is very confusing.

                              what is kosher on the go?
                              is it a restaurant?
                              is it a catering facility that only does outside catering?

                              there website lists food and prices, is that for one person? do side dishes come with it? it doesnt have a shabbos special. it is very confusing and gives me no information

                2. First off, it will defintely NOT be hot. My husband and I have been to Vegas the last 4 years in Dec. and it's usually in the 50's/60's. Last year, it was COLD! Somebody on the Strip offered me $10 for my jacket! Checkout www.weather.com for the 10-day forecast before you go. We usually bring our own food and are only now starting to eat out more in the kosher restaurants. We didn't like Haifa so much, but Panini Cafe was excellent. Check out www.shamash.org for reviews on kosher restaurants. I can't advise about room key, etc. on Shabbos; we usually catch up on our sleep on shabbos 'cause we're so exhausted from tours and shows. If you're interested in tours (Grand Canyon and Death Valley are great!) check out www.actiontours.com. They're wonderful tour guides. If you're interested in shows, Rita Rudner and David Copperfield are great shows to see, if they're playing then. Check out www.vegas.com. To get around on the Strip, in case you don't know, there's a bus, the Deuce, that runs up and down the strip -- a great way to get around. Have a great time. Vegas is wonderful -- no place like it!

                  1. Las Vegas is high desert, 2000 feet. it is only hot hot from mid June through mid-september. September through October run in the 80s to 90s. October on thru March it is Fall and Winter. Fall is in the 50s during the day and sometimes below freezing at night. Winter can be quite chilly 30s and 40s. I was just there and it was 38 degrees at night. It snows there. Also be very cautious about your room at the Mandalay Bay, ask to see it before hand and check out everything, cleanliness, broken fixtures, noise levels, etc. I had an awful time there.

                    1. Any updates? I'll be in Las Vegas for New Years weekend and I was wondering what you liked and didn't like.

                      I'm curious what you ordered for Shabbat

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                        email me at ellym@mpkitchens.com i have a ton of infp

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                          Just got back last week from a Sunday - Thursday visit to Las Vegas. We have been there on business, about 8 or 9 times in the past, but our last visit was about 7 or 8 years ago.
                          What a great difference in the kosher scene.

                          We stayed in the Palazzo, connected to the Venetian, and so had easy access to 3 Coffee Bean shops. The most convenient was a strictly take-out one that was right at the entrance to the Palazzo guest elevators. There were two in the Venetian with table seating - one in the food court, and another one right nearby on the same level. They all served a wonderful choice of coffee and tea based drinks. I can personally recommend the mocha ice-blended, the white chocolate ice - blended (especially the ultimate ice-blendeds), and the mocha, and white chocolate lattes. They had a variety of cookies and pastries that ranged from nothing special to pretty good. As for actual food - they had pre-packaged sandwich and salad combos (tuna, egg salad, and Caprese sandwiches with a side salad, and dressing.) As for the Caprese sandwich (mozarella? cheese, lettuce and tomato, which was my favorite, it seemed to be only available in the Palazzo branch. I also came upon a branch in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, and there are several others whose locations can easily be found online.

                          As for the restaurants that are off the strip, it can be hard to work out a dinner schedule, when you're working around sightseeing and shows (We saw "Jersey Boys", Bette Midler, and "Cirque du Soleil - Love"), but we got to go to Panini Cafe twice (highly recommended), Village Steakhouse once (has potential, but our experience was disappointing), and Adar Pizza (pretty good). We didn't try for Haifa, since we've had bad experiences there in the past, and didn't get a chance to go to Sababa.
                          When I get a chance, I'll try to give more details about Panini, and Village Steakhouse.

                          Adar Pizza, Panini, and Village Steakhouse were either on, or right off Sahara Ave - to the west, when driving north on the strip. Adar was the closest - only about a block or two from the strip. The others were about a 15 minute drive up Sahara.

                          I recommend the Palazzo for its convenient access to the restaurants, and the beautiful suites there.
                          If you are trying to decide between Cirque du Soleil shows, I would recommend Mystere for a first timer. Having seen O, and Love, which were both really good, Mystere is still my favorite.

                          As we weren't there for Shabbos, we didn't use "Kosher on the Go".

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                            Great info.. thanks so much. I'll be staying in the Palazzo as well so I'm happy to hear you found everything convinient. I would love to hear more about Panini when you get the chance.

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                              Did you use any discount websites to book the hotel or shows etc??

                              1. re: Bzdhkap

                                Did you use any discount websites to book the hotel or shows etc??

                                1. re: vacationready

                                  no, everytime i have gone, i have always gotten the best and cheapest deals through the company themselves. hotel through the hotels website, flight through the airlines website, car rental through the rental website. all the travel sites were consistently more expensive

                                  also, if you book the hotel through their website and the price goes down before you get there, in most of the vegas hotels, you can call them up, and they will change the price to the lower rate (and never the other way around)

                                  when we went, we made reservations at 120 per night. the rates were lowred 3 times before we went, and we ended up paying 80 per night (and this was mandalay bay, not some cheesy hotel)

                                  1. re: kiddush hopper

                                    We booked through the hotel itself. They actually gave us a better rate than what was advertised.

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                                    For hotels and rental cars, I find hotwire to usually have the best deals. But you don't know the name of the hotel beforehand, just its location and number of stars.

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                                      We signed up on the e-mail lists of the different hotels we were considering, and waited for offers of deals. If we were sent an attractive deal, we would make the reservation. If something more attractive came along, we would cancel the original reservation, and make a new one.
                                      At different times, we had reservations at the Mirage, Bellagio, and finally the Palazzo. We were very happy with our suite at the Palazzo, and though I may be wrong, I think that we had the best access to kosher restaurants and Coffee Beans from this location.
                                      As far as shows - Since we were looking for some of the more popular shows, we made full price reservations in advance from home through the box offices at the different hotels. I hear that there is a discount ticket booth, possibly a the "Fashion Show Mall" that offers tickets to some of the shows that are less in demand.