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Shabbos Weekend in Las Vegas

My wife and i decided that we are going to go on a much needed vacation. We wanted to go away for a very extended weekend in december, so we figured that Las Vegas Christmas weekend is our best bet (no pun intended).

i figure this is a great idea because it will be hot, extremely cheap, and i think it will be better than florida because there is much more to do on shabbos. (okay not much more, but we can walk up and down the strip which is very nice and entertaining, and i think would be nice in the afternoon)

we will be arriving friday morning and leaving tuesday afternoon.

can anyone please give me kosher food advice?
1. what restaurants are good?
2. which restaurants are worth it?
3. where can i get meals for shabbos?

also i would like it if people can mention things that i should consider when going to a large hotel on the strip, and being there over shabbos (i.e. room key, automatic doors). i have thought of a lot of things but i dont want to forget aything that i should be taking into consideration.

what i am basically asking for is any tip you may have for having an awesome vegas vacation.

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    1. check out http://shamash.org/kosher/ they do have a list of kosher restaurants/caterers/grocery stores -

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          1. haifa is a great restaurant. my favorite as a vegetarian is falafel, but others really like the tilapia fish and the grilled chicken.

            the pizza place is not bad..pizza dough and sauce were a little on the sweet side and was soft on the outside, but the pizza actually tasted pretty good regardless.
            have fun!