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Oct 16, 2007 09:13 PM

Downtown LA Nightlife?

Have a friend making his first trip to LA this weekend. Getting hotel rooms in downtown LA. Taking in the UCLA / CAL football game Sat afternoon going to hang out with the boys. We are both single(heterosexual) professional businessmen but still like to cut loose occasionally. Have heard that downtown LA is starting to change and be more attractive to go out on the town. Need some suggestions on where to dine have cocktails, happening spots. Or do we need to go to the old reliable areas of town. Would appreciate any feedback

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  1. The Edison is worth checking out.

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      Yup or maybe 7 Grand. Or both. Don't forget to dress nice -- E has a dress code.

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        I agree --The Edison is great --very cool atmosphere.

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        1. Edison is worth a check-out (the dress code becomes more stringent as the night goes on and the place gets more crowded).

          Seven Grand & the Standard Downtown are also nice. Bonaventure Brewing is also going for a hipper crowd.

          The new place that opened is Takami. Like most other hybrid restaurant-lounge-clubs, I'm sure the food is nothing to write home about, but I'm pretty sure it'll be happening since it's new.


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            The nightlife side of Takami is called Elevate Lounge. I haven't been but I hear it's hard to get into...

          2. love the Edison, there's a line if you go later; dress code. Also love 7 Grand, very different from the Edison, casual, very low key. The Standard on the other hand is more high key.
            Need to check out Takami.

            1. The Standard or The Edison are good recs, & I'll add in Royale on Wilshire 2619 wilshire boulevard los angeles california 90057 (213) 388-8488, Blue Velvet Lounge 750 Garland Ave, Los Angeles, CA - (213)239-0061, Mountain Bar 473 Gin Ling Way (213) 625-7500, and Firecracker Fridays at the Grand Star Jazz Cafe in Chinatown

              It really depends what you want. Personally I prefer downtown when I want less fake hollywood b.s. since theyre still in development/gentrification. This will probably change in the next couple of years though. Unfortunately all the spots are so spread out from each other in DTLA, that its hard to party hop. For a crazy night, Hollywood will do the trick. You can bar hop, meet random people on the streets, check out the ladies, go to Chateau Marmont, Koi, Standard, etc. but don't forget the b.s. factor. Traffic, expensive Valet Parking, Attitude. B.S.

              It all depends what you want. I live here so I want something more chill. However, an LA newbie might want the Hollywood experience.