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Oct 16, 2007 08:04 PM

4 days to eat in austin

my friend and i are visiting your city for the first time
very excited !

we would love recommends for breakfast, lunch, dinner favorites
in the downtown-ish area... great seafood, italian, healthy american
or if there is anything austin-home-cooking we must try

we are foodies, quality, fresh and organic stuff makes us go nuts

thank you

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  1. Hi, Gems!

    I hope you enjoy being in Austin as much as I do. I'll look forward to your post afterwards.

    I think that you are likely not getting much response to your specific question as it's asked and answered regularly on this board

    If you will peruse what is here, I'm sure many Austin 'hounds would be happy to answer any specific questions you may have. It's a pretty lively forum!


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    1. re: Rene

      Thanks for the tip Rene, I am new to this

      Ok, great dinner place for seafood near 6th street area ?

      1. re: gems

        Eddie V's will fit that bill quite nicely. Have a happy hour that's through the roof. Personal favorites are the broiled oysters (with a side of hollindaise) share the arugula/mushroom salad, hubs gets the tempura shrimp or the ahi tuna...all that for under $20.

        1. re: gems

          McCormick & Schmick's is at 5th and Congress and puts together pretty nice seafood dishes. Nothing mind-shattering, but I've always been pleased. They have a pretty excellent happy hour, too, as I understand.

          1. re: gems

            Truluck's is a very good seafood restaurant on 4th & Lavaca(?), and is known for their Stone Crab claws (not sure if they are in season or not)...Nice atmosphere, though it can get fairly loud - but in a good, happy way!

        2. For breakfast my favorite is Magnolia's on Lake Austin Blvd. Great omelets and an awesome ginger pecan pancake!

          1. Iron Works BBQ for Texas BBQ. Brisket and beef ribs are their specialties.