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Oct 16, 2007 07:45 PM

Lawry's The Prime Rib -- is it still up to snuff?

A friend has developed a craving for prime rib for her birthday, and she's never been. She's not a huge foodie and would probably be uncomfortable if I spent any more than I would spend at a place like Lawry's.

The last time I was there was with my mother who died in 1981, so obviously it's been a while. I know they closed at one point, and reopened across the street. Back then I remember it being a bit of an "event place" and mostly very good, although I was a bit nonplussed that they went to such a big fuss for the "spinning salad" just to pour bottled dressing on it.

I also know there are other destinations for prime rib dinners ... any suggestions?

Lawry's Prime Rib
100 N La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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  1. We go once a year (haven't gone this year yet) and always find it to be very good prime rib in a kind of retro setting. The spinning salad isn't that great, but the presentation of the chilled salad forks is always an event, and their prime rib, sides and yorkshire pudding are all excellent. They still do the CC Browns sundae, too!

    By way of comparison, we had the prime rib special at Flemings two nights ago and Lawry's is far superior. I've also had the prime rib at Kincaid's in Redondo, which is probably the nicest setting of the three places, but the prime rib was way too fatty.

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      The Grill on the Alley in Beverly Hills does a really good prime rib. We enjoy it more than Lawrys-

    2. I've been going to Lawry's for more than thirty years. The basic experience has never changed, which is one of the nice things about it. Even after they moved across the street into a nicer building, the only difference was that the wait for a table on a weekend night was not as bad.

      The food and ritual are exactly the same. If you liked it then, you'll like it now.

      Oh, yeah. The prices have changed. But you probably guessed that.

      I've never found a better place for Prime Rib.

      1. Lawry's is good but I find the prime rib at the Palm to be better.

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          when i think of prime rib....its lawry's. when i think of steaks...many other places such as morton's, palms, mastros, ruth's etc....but prime rib: lawry's

        2. Lawry's is as great as it ever was. I've been going for 25 years. It's also a better deal than most of the steakhouses, since your $35 piece of meat comes with salad, mashed potatoes and yorkshire pudding (ask for as much as you want). extra for creamed corn or creamed spinach, which are both spectacular. beef quality is good as always, and you can cut it with a butter knife.

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            On the assumption that all locations operate similarly (I've only ever been to the Dallas locations), the infamous spinning salad is no longer included in the base price of the meal. It's been an "extra" since at least this past summer. And I sure do miss the waitstaff (waitresses, I guess) wearing what I used to call "Hazel" hats (after the 50's TV show). The prime rib is as good as ever.

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              I went last year I think and they included the spinning salad? Maybe somebody else can chime in who has been there recently.

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                After reading your post, I checked the website and strangely enough, after looking at the Beverly Hills, Chicago, Las Vegas and Dallas locations, saw that it's only in Dallas that they no longer include the spinning salad as part of the prime rib dinner. Perhaps it's their way of raising prices "through the back door," by no longer including something they used to include, but not lowering the price once they made the change, and by charging additional for that item if you still want it...

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                  I was there two weeks ago, and the salad was included. looks like the dallas issue got addressed below, anyway. interesting...

            2. I usually end up there about once a year- as far as steak places go, I think you get your money's worth. It's not ridiculously expensive and the fare is solid- nothing fancy to add extra $$$ for. If I had a craving for prime rib I'd probably go to Lawry's.