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Oct 16, 2007 07:41 PM

Dunkin Donuts has arrived (Las Vegas).[moved from Southwest board]

The first Dunkin Donuts store opened its doors today in Las Vegas (at 409 East Silverado Ranch) which is east of the South Point Hotel. Lots of fanfare and hoopla surrounding the opening (similar to when a new Krispy Kreme invades a city for the first time) but I'm not sure why. Is the coffee really as good as everyone says? Hmmm.

Anyway, I much prefer the vegan donuts over at Ronald's Donuts on Spring Mtn. But for those of you looking for a Dunkin Donuts fix, you can now get one along with satisfying your gambling itch whilst in Vegas.


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  1. I'm from Phoenix. I can't believe you all just got your first DD up there!! We've had them down here for years. I grew up loving Munchkins(donut holes) as well as their Old Fashioned, which is a plain cake donut.

    I love their coffee. It's nice and smooth and a perfect base for cream and sugar. My husband is from back east and his coffee order at DD was always "light and sweet", which meant a good amount of cream and sugar. It's totally different than Starbucks.

    1. Yup, the story made the local news here in Vegas yesterday, and the hubby is picking up a dozen on the way home from work tonite! I demanded some Munchkins of all sorts, and it reminded us we have to pick up a gallon of milk, too!

      We are beyond THRILLED! Best part? The DD is literally 3 blocks from hubby's work! SCORE!!

      EDIT: Hubby just called to tell me 2 notes in regards to DD's opening- Currently, there is an HOUR line to get to the counter and order donuts. It's around the building, and he saw people buying boxes and boxes of them! Most interesting, when he went inside to ask them a few questions, he found out the most interesting thing:

      They are not MAKING them in-store! There is a new DD bakery next to the airport, and the plan is to truck donuts out to all the stores, a few times a day. (once the others are open, that is)

      They were out of Munchkins by 4:30pm today. They didn't know if they were going to get more today, and the staff there were very, very overwhelmed!

      Hubby said DD will have to wait till tommorrow. No worry, i've waited close to 10 years to have them back in town, I can wait another day.

      1. Was one of those who stood in line for an hour or so just to get a bite of the long awaited DD! I've been a DD lover since a kid back in the Philippines (You bet! they do have a DD out there). Love the smell of Dunkin Donuts!

        Funny to see all the crews around the service area. I was told that they are all there for training....It just looked so crowded in there! My wife ordered iced coffee and guess what she got........ a cold coffee without ice.... how's that!

        I don't blame the crews though. First day at work against a long pile of waiting customers. Some of them don't even know the donut's names...funny.

        Anyway, I am glad that they're finally open. Can't wait for the branch to open that's close to my house (Ann and Simmons)..... By the way, did I mention I had to drive over an hour to get to DD today?

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        1. re: cbroxas

          The second-day open now, and at 4pm, there was STILL a line out the door at DD.

          Hubby did admit to me that a co-worker -did- wait for donuts, and brought in a box for his office. DH loves the DD's frosted strawberry donuts, which were not initially available at the store. (apparently, they did get delivered after more than a few complaints) They got delivered, so hubby was very excited. He opened the box, and was horrified at what he was looking at. He said the donuts looked "slapped together" and very, very messy- as in whoever made them at the plant didn't KNOW exactally how to make them! The frosting was very uneven, and not the quality of what he remembered them to be.

          DD's just started using zero trans-fat oil for cooking the donuts, if i'm not mistaken. Hubby thinks it really changes the flavor of the donut, and I tend to agree on this. When KFC changed to zero-trans fats for the chicken, I noticed it instantly.

          The whole insanity of DD now in Vegas reminds me of when KrispyKreme opened up in town too. It was mayhem, like what was being pumped out for all was golden manna, the best thing EVER.Long, ridiculous lines for dounts then, too.

          I'm going to wait, now. When the hysteria dies down, and I can walk into the store and not wait, i'll be much happier. They ARE just donuts, after all!

        2. im from boston - home of the DD- now living in LV!
          altho im shocked by this being the FIRST DD in vegas - i cant say im thrilled!
          im not a fan - the donuts are good - but i rarely if ever eat a donut
          the coffee on the other hand is GROSS - especially if youre a fan of coffee - REAL coffee!
          what sells DD is the AMAZING amount of cream&sugar they put in it for you! not to mention the ever so eco friendly styrofoam cups!
          but drink it black and its nothing more than dirty water! ugh!

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          1. re: nnardell

            Well, truth be known, DD -used- to be here in Las Vegas, about 10-12 years ago. The last 2 holdouts closed probably 10 years ago. Not sure why they closed up shop and left, but the locals who remember it, (those I know, anyways) have missed it muchly. DD's coffee seems to have it's die-hard fans as well. I've noticed both ground and whole-bean coffee being sold in the market's coffee section as well. Of course, that dosen't mean the coffee is stellar. I'll make my call on it, when I get my first sip. I'm -sure- it's better than my work's coffee, tho! *LOL*

          2. I'm not sure why there's a hoopla about DD, unless the one in Las Vegas is lots better than those up here in New England. Their cookies are actually good, but they also have so-so coffee, the worst donuts I've ever had from a chain, bitter iced tea, and truly awful sandwiches -- particularly breakfast sandwiches and most particularly anything with "steak" in it. I avoid them unless there's no other option around and I'm desperate, and then I choose with care.

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            1. re: bachslunch

              No, that's part of what i've been getting at: Only because DD's HASEN'T been in Vegas for 12 years, some are treating it like the second coming of Jesus. The food and drink offered is secondary right now, people are feeding their DD memory. It's only after they eat a dozen dounts will they possibly re-think how they feel about the place now is different, from when they used to get it.

              As for me, I still haven't gotten my box of Munchkins- the place has been closing the past few days before 11pm. They run out of product, they close for the night. Not sure when i'll be able to finally eat them, but at this point i'm in no intense rush.