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Blue Bunny Ice cream

I just discovered this stuff last month, and I must say it is very good, at least the two flavors I've become addicted to.

Cherry Chocolate Amaretto Bordeax is so very good.

Coconut Macaroon Crunch - alas it was a new flavor and it is now gone.

I have never been so crazy about ice cream before, and will certainly miss the second one, hope it comes back next summer.

I was wondering why this past month my WW weigh ins didn't change!

Well today I just got two containers of the Chocolate Cherry, but my spoon isn't going in for another week. Plus I have to remember a little taste is all I need.

So back to some WW one point bars for a while.

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  1. Hooray for Blue Bunny! Their headquarters are not too far from here, in Lemars, Iowa. Don't fear, the coconut macaroon will come back. That's one of Mike's favorites. Many, many good flavors.

    AND they make these wonderful "Drumstick" style sundae cone things. "Champ" they're called, chocolate lovers. Chocolate ice cream in chocolate cone with dark chocolate and crushed chocolate cookies. O, my.

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    1. re: revsharkie

      Those chocolate champ cones are addictive! And they actually taste like chocolate ;) (sort of a surprise to me, coming from a grocery store item...)

      The chocolate chip ice cream is a winner as well with good sized dark chocolate chips and rich ice cream. Those are the only things we've tried so far, but I'll keep an eye out for the other suggestions on this thread.

    2. Blue Bunny is awesome. I'm hooked on the Homemade Turtle Sundae. Also, they have THE best light mint chip ice cream I've ever had. Strong mint, no artificial sweetener odd taste, and good dark chocolate chips.

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      1. re: spellweaver16

        Oh I picked up one of those Turtle ones in the personal size just to try, but I haven't yet. I'm afraid to find another flavor!

        I did start back on the tredmill so I 'll have to start putting down the spoon after some small tasting.

        I e-mailed them to ask about the Coconut one, they sent me a nice letter and a couple of coupons.

        Of course I joined their I scream team to be contacted about new flavors.

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          Blue Bunny's light and sugar free flavors are actually really good. I wouldn't go for the chocolate frozen yogurt, though. I had it once and it was grainy and pretty fake tasting.

      2. Randomly their little yogurt cups are phenomenal, too. No corn syrup! Hooray for Iowa. (although some have splenda, but I'm actually into splenda). Yoplait makes me sad. I want to like them bc they are just down the street from me, but seriously.. why so much corn syrup in yogurt?

        Blue Bunny's yogurt cups come in such fun varieties as Black Currant, Pomegranite Blueberry, and I even picked up one w.Lingonberries. Their Banana's Foster was amazing, but they don't make it anymore (at least not distributed to MSP anymore).

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          I've been in love with their apple spice yogurt since I was a kid. Try the vanilla pear, too, if you can find it.

        2. Yep..Blue Bunny is really good...my sister in NJ told me about their Peanut Butter Cup flavor and it is so delicious...not easy to find here in SW Florida, though.

          1. I love their plain vanilla - with tons of vanilla bean specks, really good. this summer I was addicted to their Tropical Fruit bars. My favorite - coconut.

            1. Here in this part of the world, at least, Schwan's ice cream is made by Blue Bunny.

              1. I've been trolling CH for awhile now, but decided I needed to make my first post since I'm a hometown Wells Blue Bunny fan. Great to see discussion of something local!

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                  My mother, a diabetic, adores ice cream and once polished off a carton of some sugary ice cream and as punishment I bought her some Blue Bunny sugar free chocolate pops.

                  SHE LOVED THEM!

                  I tried one and it was actually very good and had a great fudgy flavor. Previous to purchasing Blue Bunny I always thought it was some cut rate product, but it really is very good. In my neck of the woods (Central Florida) Wal-Mart sells a nice variety.

                  1. re: MysticYoYo

                    Yes, Wal Mart sells them here in SW FL too but I hate shopping there and I refuse to go back anymore...some guy in front of me showed me food that he was shoplifting and I asked the cashier about it and she said they can't do anything about it...WHAT???..too depressing...found another vendor at an independent little grocery store. Wal-mart is very messed up, sorry, but it IS.

                    1. re: Val

                      That is the only place that sells it near me. I go to the one in Amherst NH. I do a once a week trip as it is about 30 min drive from MA, but lots of places in the general area for an errand run or two. It is a pretty decent Walmart in a very nice area. Actually I was suprised the Town allowed it to be built when they did.

                      Now I'm going to see if they carry the yogurt too. I always buy yougurt when I'm there, but can't say I noticed the BB before, will have to check it out, as I was just at their website and the flavors look good. Even the light varities.

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                        Val, WalMart announced they would no longer prosecute petty shoplifters and only go after bigger thiefs. Go figure.

                        Blue Bunny products are great! I really love their Sweet Freedom line. They have a couple "premium" bars that are amazing. I haven't had them in amost 2 years so I can't remember the names. I moved and the only line I can get is the basic Sweet Freedom line.

                  2. Our favorite Blue Bunny ice cream is their (plain) Strawberry. I believe it only comes in the half-gallon size. There is a (half-eaten) container in my freezer right now!

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                    1. re: Anne

                      >>I believe it only comes in the half-gallon size.

                      A year late and a dollar short.

                      So, I JUST get around to trying this stuff and THEY have bought into the 'let's short the consumer' game? How sad.

                      At any rate, the stuff (french vanilla of course, there is no other vanilla for me) is wonderful. Light years better than the Unilever stuff and it's sibling. It appears to come from an actual dairy and not a laboratory.

                      I think it's better than Turkey Hill even. As good as Haagen Daz. Maybe better?

                      Uhhhhh oh. Their site shows a triple coffee flavor that I bet the local supermarket will never have.

                      Thankfully, only certain stores have it. Anyone know why?

                      1. re: dolores

                        Weeeell...I wouldn't get TOO hyped about the triple coffee. They put in ground up espresso beans and I found them pretty unpleasant to chomp down on. The flavor is good, but the bean bits are annoying.