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Oct 16, 2007 05:27 PM

Israeli/Yemenite Restaurant across 2nd Ave Deli?

Many years ago I ate at a wonderful Israeli restaurant that specialized in Yementine food. I recall that it was across the street from the now-defunct 2nd Ave Deli. Can anyone help me with its name and, of course, if it is still there? Or, if its not, where has it moved, or if defunct, how about recommending another Yemenite restaurant in NYC? Thanks

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  1. Rectangles. It is gone. There is (I think) a bank there. Maybe some chowhounder will know if the cook/owners setup elsewhere.

    I went to Rectangles with my beginning Hebrew class and we had dishes I (american) had never heard of - shakshuka? m...

    1. Moved to UES. 1st Ave. between 74th and 75th. Here is their website: