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Oct 16, 2007 04:57 PM

Christmas Eve dinner

I know, I know... I'm early. But I'm looking for a good place to treat myself and a couple of friends for MY BIRTHDAY! Yes, it's on Christmas eve, poor me. Anyway, wondering about good spots that might be open, like decent hotel restaurants. Went to Andaluca a few years ago. I remember it being great but then went again two years ago and wasn't all that impressed. Any ideas?

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  1. Cascadia has a special Charles Dickens Christmas Eve dinner that looks amazing.

    1. I ate at Union on Christmas Eve in 2005 - they were serving only a fabulous 8 course prix fixe. That year the 24th fell on a Saturday, though. Last year when it fell on a Sunday they were closed. This year it's a Monday so my hopes aren't high - but it wouldn't hurt to call and ask if they're planning to open.

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        My preferred dinner companions know Ethan Stowell and so I tried Union. Sadly, they will not be open. Doh! Fab suggestion though.

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          Well, do let us know what you eventually settle on. I am often dining out on Xmas eve for birthdays. There are a lot of December 24 babies out there for some reason.

      2. Kaspars does a nice Xmas Eve Buffet

        1. It's a family tradition for us to go someplace on Christmas Eve for dinner. We've tried Tulio (good, but I'd like someplace new), Palisade (expensive and decent), The Georgian Room ( decent food, but a bit about a "White Christmas"). Actually all of these are decent choices...the Cascadia dinner looks very good.