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Oct 16, 2007 04:52 PM

Palm Springs - Thanksgiving dinner recs?

Any ideas which places are open and what the best quality places are?

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  1. Two great Thanksgiving menus:
    Zin American Bistro

    1. Th e new Rattlesnake or Blend

      1. FYI - Manhattan in the Desert is open until 7pm thanksgiving and is offering a turkey dinner (they might have it everyday, not sure). Reservations accepted for 6 or more.

        1. We have pre-ordered takeout side dishes from Bristol Farms to supplement what we can make in our rented condo. Everything sounds delicious- my fingers are crossed.

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          1. re: bethsd

            I think their catering is very good - only have had it out of the Newport store, but PD is so much bigger & better, It should be absolutely delicious!!

            Happy Thanksgiving!