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Oct 16, 2007 04:44 PM

desperately seeking family friendly chow in White Plains

Help! My inlaws are insisting on celebrating my husband's bday with us (including our two kids, 6 and 2) and his sis and BIL (with their two kids, 4 and 3) but won't come to us to celebrate. We're meeting in White Plains as we're coming from three different locations (Long Island, Connecticut, and NJ). My MIL suggested Cheesecake Factory, and my husband said no. HELP!!! We need a reasonably priced place that can accomodate a couple of picky eaters (everything on the side or not too spicy kinds of folks), two well behaved kids (mine), and two nice but not as well behaved kids (SIL/BIL's kids). MIL wants to make a reservation asap, so the sooner I can get recs, the better. Oh, and we're eating an "early dinner," as my MIL is fond of saying--about 3:30 or 4 pm.

Thanks so much!

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  1. We have found that the City Limits Diner is a good answer to this kind of question. Here's the menu:

    1. City Limits definitely is family friendly as suggested by spa-- but they don't take reservations (at least not as far as I know) but at that time it should be fine.

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        My husband on occasion eats lunch during the work week at City Limits, and he doesn't want to go to a diner, despite how good it is, for his birthday dinner. Any other suggestions?

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          Valhalla Crossing, Bronx River Pkwy in Valhalla. It's casual, very family friendly and you can eat in a train car next to the tracks & watch the trains go by, or in a caboose (kids love it). The menu is burgers, pasta, chicken, salads, things like shepards pie, and, thankfully, some really good wraps (love the Thai wrap). Not sure if they serve dinner at 3:30, though.

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            One of the local Italian restaurants? One possibility is Ernesto's on Post Rd. towards Scarsdale. Or Laguna, on Post Road downtown, "family style." We personally prefer Ernesto's, food is definitely better, but some people object that, as of last year, they no longer serve a side of spaghetti with meat entrees, only vegetable of the day.

        2. LaMandas? Old world Italian. Been around for a while. Good food. Or Asian Temptation in the City Center? Pastinas on Central Avenue in Hartsdale, good Italian food -- they even have an early bird special! Wouldn't worry about the kids or the reservation for a 3:30 or 4pm meal! :) You should be fine.

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            Graziella's, Bao's, Sunset Grille, Sam's, all in White Plains.

            1. re: dolores

              Sam's of Gedney way was nice, not crowded early on, and totally acceptable with kids. I ate there with my daughter and three adults when she was enmeshed in the yelling /food throwing stage, and they were extremely tolerant - they just seated us away from other patrons!

              1. re: doc_k55

                Sam's sounds like it would be a good choice. I was able to check out the take out menu, and lunch choices (it ends up we'll be doing lunch) sound good. My nephews, however, will not stray from typical kids' menu fare. Is there a kids' menu available?

                1. re: chowgirl

                  I would bet there is, chowgirl. They are also very accomodating, and I imagine will try to make whatever your nephews would like in terms of kids' food.

                  1. re: chowgirl

                    There isn't a set kids menu. They have been very accommodating by providing plain pasta and chicken fingers and fries. I wouldn't recommend Sunset Grille (on the same block as Sam's). I went there with my kids once and they were almost as disappointed as the adults were. Food was cold, service was abysmal, and the quality just wasn't there at all. City Limits is good b/c it is always open and nice and loud, you don't have to worry about Your kids making the racket, food is pretty good, menu extremely varied, expect slow-ish service. We have had spotty service there and haven't been in a while.

                    1. re: chowgirl

                      If I recall correctly they had a verbal children's menu - the usual stuff I think. They definitely did accommodate my picky seven year old.

              2. Our six year old likes seafood. We took him to legal seafood in White Plains and he enjoyed it. They do have a children's menu and some non seafood items.

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                  Legal has possibly the best kids menu of any restaurant.

                  Another possibility is PF Changs at The Westchester, if that's not too ethnic for your in-laws.