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Oct 16, 2007 04:42 PM

Mermaid or Eden or Grangecon?

One night open for dining in Dublin? Which one would be best for fresh food beautifully prepared, good value, setting? Mermaid Cafe or Eden or Grangecon Cafe in Wicklow?


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  1. Eden would get my vote. Food is great and there is a buzzy atmosphere. The food is also good in the Mermaid, but the last couple of times I was there it was a bit atmosphere-less. I haven't heard of the Grangecon Cafe, but Wicklow is probably a bit far out of town unless you are driving.

    1. Both Eden and the Mermaid Cafe are really good.
      For fresh food, locally prepared, good value, setting etc, have a look at the Winding Stair Restaurant. It is right by the ha'penny bridge. It is on a par with both of these restaurants