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Apr 13, 2006 09:56 PM

Vallejo - Liled's Candy Kitchen - The perfect chocolate marshmallow bunny

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I decided to check out Liled's today to see what they are making for Easter.

The chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies are the best I've ever had. There is a thick milk chocolate coating covering the lightest, fluffiest house-made marshmallow filling. I took a bite and then stopped to give the bunny the attention it deserved.

I'm repeating some of Liled's information that I keep burying in other posts because the chocolate bunny elevated Liled's into deserving it's own post.

Liled's is similar to See's except there's only one shop and the chocolates are being made in the back of the store.

It is an old-fashioned candy store with penny candy jars on the shelves. They don't make those, but they make their own chocolates, ice cream, caramel corn & cheese corn.

About that popcorn … they had samples on the counter. It is pretty addictive. I felt guilty, but every time the clerk turned his back, I'd sneak another taste. The cheese corn is almost velvety, thickly coated with cheese.

There's not a large Easter selection. There are some chocolate/coconut bird's nests and chocolate eggs like See's in chocolate butter cream, chocolate fudge, rocky road and a few other flavors. An egg wrapped simply in various pastel foils is $3.75.

Unlike See’s, it is not Easter wonderland. No slick ads or walls lined with Easter chocolates. Just a simple glass counter with the bird’s nests, bunnies and foil covered eggs.

The Easter stash is supplemented with a nice assortment of those sugar eggs that you peek into to see an Easter scene. There are lots of bins of Jelly Belly jelly beans.

The ice cream of the month is Easter coconut. Liled's reminds me of Mitchell’s in texture. The sample of the coconut had a nice vanilla flavor and good chopped coconut. It was very pleasant and deliciously coconut-y.

Liled's has about 20-30 flavors if ice cream at any time. The almond joy looked tempting.

At Halloween they have candy apples, red & caramel. For Christmas they have plum pudding candy and an eggnog flavored cream with raisins soaked in sherry and dipped in chocolate. Both of which I tried. Although I wasn't wowed I liked them.

They make their own peanut and cashew brittle. Haven't tried those as my teeth are not fans of brittles. The counter at the back has a selection of sugar-free chocolates.

I like this store more and more every time I visit.

Liled's Candy Kitchen
1318 Tennessee St.



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  1. Thanks for the post on Liled's, rw.

    I had read in the Times-Herald a few months back that the ownership had changed hands, but the new owners were determined to keep things more or less the same, with maybe a few tweaks here and there. From your post, it looks like they're doing a good job keeping Liled's a solid institution in Vallejo.

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    1. re: JojoA

      Thanks for the info about the ownership change. It may be for the better. I was thinking things were better than I remembered at Liled's.

      Frankly before, the reason to have the ice cream at Liled's was like at Mitchell's or even Baskin Robbins ... there are a lot of interesting flavors.

      However, the coconut ice cream caught my attention. That vanilla was really nice in it and the coconut flavor was true.

      Hope things keep getting better and better.

      1. re: rworange

        Thanks for the tip!

        I stopped by to order a chocolate covered marshmallow bunny as well for my daughter's basket.

        I ordered dark chocolate molasses chips and dark chocolate almonds as well. The molasses chips beat the See's ones hands down.

        I also ordered some milk chocolate macadamias for the hubby.

        I overhead one of the staff telling a customer that "they only make them the way they were trained" and "nothing has changed", so I guess ownership has changed hands.

        It was nice to see a sucessful "mom and pop" type establishment thrive - there were quite a few customers and the staff was very courteous - not something you see a lot of these days.

        When it gets warmer, I will try the ice cream.

        I forgot - I ordered a bag of caramel popcorn (but that didn't even make it home!)

        1. re: Stephanie

          Glad you liked it and thanks for reporting back.

          I am munching on a piece of chocolate cream Easter egg with my cup of coffee.

          Apoligies to Stan the egg man at Ferry Plaza for stealing his term. And yes, I know it is 8 am, but it is Easter. Chocolate on awakening is required by me.

          Like the marshmallow bunny, it has a thick shell. Unlike most thick-shell chocolates it is not so hard that you almost snap your teeth on it. Nice chocolate cream filling that is a little more liquid than Sees.

          JojoA mentioned the ownership change. They say they haven't changed anything, but, really, this is better than I remember. In the past, it was fine, not as good as Sees to me, but the charming shop was a nice shop.

          Not charming in a cutesy, contrived way, but charming as I'm guessing this is the way this shop looked many, many decades ago. It is authentic and delicious.

          However, I really liked everything I tried on this trip as much as Sees and maybe more.

          I'll try those molasses chips on the next trip. Thanks. And Happy Easter.