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Oct 16, 2007 03:23 PM

JKWB busy on a Thursday night?

hi, i am trying to decide where to take an out of town visitor for dinner on a Thursday night, and JKWB definitely suits the bill for the two of us. i know they don't take reservations. can anyone comment on how busy they are/how long a wait might be on a Thursday night, at around 8pm? i've only ever gone there early on a Sat. night and never had issues with getting a table.

any suggestion for a similar type restaurant to JKWB (both in food and price point) would be appreciated as well, in case i need a backup. i've ruled out kultura (the food was ok, but not outstanding when i went).


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  1. if you've got a one week lead time you can try their bizarre reservation system.

    their estimations are awful for time, if they tell you 40minutes i can almost guarantee you'll have a table in 15. i personally think you'll be ok especially since they've spilled over into the resto side.

    1. JKWB started taking reservations recently. Just give them a call and make a reso!

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        auberinegal I've been on a Thurs night around that time and haven't had to wait more than 15 min. Especially if you ask to sit at the bar, which I prefer.

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          Yeah, just sit at the bar, loads of fun.