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Oct 16, 2007 03:07 PM

New Polish Restaurant in Brooklyn

Anyone heard about this new place called Karczma?....or something to that affect. Opened this past week
Supposidly a bit upscale, and it is the 4th restaurant that the owner has opened.
Someone recommended it to me. Said it is on the corner of Green Point and another main street that slips my mind...obviously I am at a loss here.
Any help much appreciated.

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  1. it's on greenpoint between manhattan and franklin, a few doors down from the big banquet hall. they had one hell of a loud opening party.

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    1. re: wleatherette

      There was a Polish resto in this location for at least 10 years-- I peeked inside-- it's been all redone rustic wood style with hurricane lanterns over the bar. Cannot vouch for the food- but as I walk by every day, I will try to take a gander at the menu.

      1. re: quentinC

        i really liked the place that used to be there and was a bit sad to see it go. this new place is, i'm pretty sure, owned by the krolewskie jadlo people. the blackboard mentioned trout, pierogies, and grilled kielbasa, so i'm assuming that it has the same menu as most other polish places in the area.

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          Leatherette, you saw the same board as I did. The menu also is pretty standard polish fare- not that expensive, lots of veal, pork, stuffed cabbage etc.

    2. How does it compare to Lomzynianka?

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        it's only been open since friday. not sure if anyone here has tried it yet.

      2. This has been a great help. Thanks
        Comes recommended from a guy that grew up in Poland...friend runs it, but said it is great. supposidly the owners have other Polish rests around

        1. finally had dinner here. we liked it a lot, with the blood sausage being a particular highlight. i'm looking forward to going back for the mixed grill (they seem to do grilled items really well).

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            I've lived in Greenpoint for 8 years, and this has become my new favorite Polish place. White borscht in a bread bowl with bacon for garnish is excellent, and the polish platter is better than the food my polish Kowalcyzk-named aunts used to make. Farmhouse decor, friendly staff in traditional Polish dress and an entertaining Polish soundtrack round it out. Recommended.

            1. re: skowl

              This sounds great. Any word if they're open for lunch?

              1. re: lambretta76

                they are on the weekends, i think, but not sure about during the week. we had dinner there last night and once again really enjoyed it. the stuffed cabbage (petite but sided with a huge pile of mash and an old-school pea/carrot mix) are some of the best we've had in the neighborhood (sauce a bit too sweet, though), and the mixed grill was delicious with blood sausage and bacon being the highlights for me. an enormous portion, and it's served with big plates of roasted potatoes and sauerkraut. we split the version that's meant for 2 amongst 3 people and still had leftovers. the 2 entrees and several mugs of krusovice dark ran us $48 with tax and tip.

          2. Have eaten here twice since June, driving down from Westchester. Well worth the trip! Food was authentic, ethnic, tasty and inexpensive. The atmosphere is that of a traditional restaurant in Poland, complete with native costumes for the beautiful friendly waitresses who were attentive and answered all our questions about the menu. They even are willing to join in singing traditional Polish folksongs with guests! I highly recommend the stuffed mushrooms appetizer, the traditional Polish platter, and the Polish beer and vodka! And for dessert, naliszniki is wonderful!

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              Chris, that's naleĊ›niki. Polish crepes/pancakes.