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Oct 16, 2007 03:07 PM

Thanksgiving in NYC

We will be spending Thanksgiving with our daughter who goes to Princeton. Thanksgiving evening we hope to go to a play, but being from Southern California, we have no idea where to go for dinner. We'd love to spend it in NYC, relative proximity to theatre district. Any suggestions?

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  1. Many restaurants will begin accepting reservations for Thanksgiving soon; is a popular place to scope out a lot of them at once. Thanksgiving dinner is often a prixe fixe and with multiple seatings (like 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, etc.) I assume you're looking for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner? What's your price range?

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    1. re: kathryn

      kathryn, tanib is asking about Thanksgiving *Eve*, not Thanksgiving Day. While what you say is true on the day of, the evening before, restaurants serve their normal menu and accept reservations in the regular fashion, i.e., by specific times, not by seatings.

      tanib, Since there are hundreds of restaurants in the Theater District, some specifics would help narrow down the possibilities. Cuisine preferences? Casual vs fancy? Per person budget for food?

      1. re: RGR

        Funny, like Kathryn, I too thought Tanib was referring to dining on Thanksgiving Day before going to the theater in the evening. Of course, I could have well misinterpreted it too.
        But if Tanib DID mean Thanksgiving Day dinner, not all restaurants stay open, so even if recommend one to you that I like in the theater district (like Vice Versa), I am not at all sure they will be open for dinner on Thanksgiving Day.
        If, however, you meant the night BEFORE Thanksgiving, do consider trying Vice Versa. I think you will be pleased.

        1. re: RGR

          Wait, tanib wrote "Thanksgiving evening we hope to go to a play, but being from Southern California, we have no idea where to go for dinner."

          I interpret "Thanksgiving EVENING" to be "the evening of Thanksgiving Day"... Is this right, tanib?

          1. re: kathryn

            Broadway shows are dark on Thanksgiving Day evening. So, even we interpret her post as you did, seeing a show that evening will not be possible.

            1. re: RGR

              Thank you all. I checked the theatre listings and the Thanksgiving date was open for shows. I'll have to call to see if this is indeed an error, because it can make a difference. For clarification I am speaking of Thanksgiving day/evening of.
              We prefer nouveau cuisine -- lighter upscale Thanksgiving fare (...clarification, not heavy traditional faire), well prepared food. We are looking to pay probably $50 person excluding wine. What do you think?? I appreciate your input.

              1. re: tanib

                You may want to check the Princeton club. Some of the Ivy clubs do thanksgiving dinner (that is where we often spend ours).

                1. re: BW212

                  thank you...I just checked and theatres are indeed dark. So we will have a wonderful NYC dinner. We are totally open.
                  And I think we want to be adventurous.

                  1. re: tanib


                    In a previous post, you say you are looking for "lighter upscale." However, in NYC, your budget of $50pp, including wine, is not upscale, more like low end moderate.

                    If you can see your way clear to increasing the budget, I would recommend Telepan. (Of course, this presumes they are open on Thanksgiving Day.) Bill Telepan's contemporary American cuisine is inventive without being way out. Service is cordial and professional. The space is comfortable with understated elegant decor. For a restaurant in the upscale category, I think prices are relatively reasonable. You can view the menu on their website.


                    1. re: RGR

                      tanib said "excluding" wine. Because of Thanksgiving though, $50, even excluding wine, may still be a little low. The menus are usually prix-fixe. Cesca's in the past has been $70 for 3 courses, Fleur de Sel $75 for 3 courses... just to name a few.

                      1. re: izzyeatsny

                        Try calling Etcetera Etcetera. You might be able to squeeze by around $60.
                        Compass perhaps too.
                        These 2 places, however, are not the least bit adventurous and frankly I'm not at all sure the others mentioned are either.

                      2. re: RGR

                        Telepan is a great idea and they will open on their reservation book for T Day near the end of this month, I think one month before T Day so 23 October.

                        1. re: Spiritchaser

                          Thank you - Telepan sounds great...price is right for us.

        2. I was looking up information on T-giving dinner in NYC just recently and found this to be a helpful page:
          It lists prix fixe dinners in many different price ranges.