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Oct 16, 2007 03:03 PM

Thanksgiving in Princeton

We will be spending Thanksgiving with our daughter who goes to Princeton. Thanksgiving evening we hope to go to a play, but being from Southern California, we have no idea where to go for dinner. It should either be in Princeton, NJ (not as crowded?), or NYC, relative proximity to theatre district. Any suggestions?

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  1. For restaurant suggestions in NYC's Theater District, you should post a query on the Manhattan board. To help Hounds narrow down the possibilities, it's best to be specific about cuisine preferences, type of place (casual vs fancy), and budget.

    Edited to add: I've just been on the Manhattan board and saw that you've already done so. :-)

    1. In princeton you can try Ferryhouse, or Stage left in North Brunswick.

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        Stage Left is in New Brunswick.

      2. close to princeton is jamesburg.
        give fiddleheads a call and see if they have a thanksgiving special going on.
        here's a link:

        1. If you are going to a play on Broadway and plan to dine in central NJ beforehand remember that you will need to finish dinner by around 5:00-5:30 if you are going to make your 8:00 curtain, assuming that holiday train schedules are accommodating. Much as I would like to promote local cuisine, under these circumstances eating in NYC is a much better idea.

          1. Hello, I live and work in Princeton over 30 years. Princeton is not known for great dining. There are two restaruants that you may enjoy. Tri Piani forrestal village and Salt Creek Grill and Mortons are all locted in Princeton Forrestal Village which is less than 10 minute drive from downtown. You can google these restaurants for more info. Better dining of course is in New York City.
            You can spend the evening Thurs and Fri and see the Macy's parade. If you want quiet time with your daughter stay in Princeton. If you want a lot of people and parades go to NYC.

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              No Morton's at Forrestal, it's Ruth's Chris - now open, but was a parking lot when the OP was looking for options ;-)