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Ethnic - no "westside"

A few families want to get together once a month for an ethnic restaurant experience. We went to Soot Bull Jeep for the first try and we had a blast. The guidelines would be: no "westside", must have beer and wine and of course good to great food. (The kids are 15 year old boys with some culinary limitations)

What should we try next???

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    1. re: mollyomormon

      second this recommendation.
      for vegetarian ethiopian, i prefer rahel
      for omnivore ethiopian, meals by genet (on fairfax) or awash (which is on pico, not fairfax)

    2. Try Mexican next in old town Torrance called La Capilla. Serves alcohol and has great food. Like the commercial says, "Try it, you'll like it"...

      1. How about any of the ethiopian places along fairfax's ethiopian nexus, for 'hands-on' chowing upon injera and savory stews (veggie, chicken, beef, etc.). Libations might be limited to beer and, er, honey wine. We enjoyed Rosalind, but there are many choices in a close proximity to each other...

        1. Japanese in Little Tokyo.

          1. chinese banquet in the sgv.

            1. All-you-can-eat dosas night at Woodland's indian (vegetarian) buffet. Gotta head up to the valley, though. Worth it!

              1. All of my recs span Sunset Blvd

                Uzbekistan (Uzbek)
                Moun of Tunis (Moroccan)
                Jitlada (Southern Thai)

                1. Sushi Gen in Little Tokyo, but go early, around 5:00 to 5:30 p.m. They have california rolls and cooked food (teriyaki) for the kids.

                  Chinese seafood feast in Monterey Park: Seafood Village, Top Island, Empress Harbour, Ocean Star

                  1. Los Balcones de Peru

                    Sanam Luang (Thai... Jitlada is good, but different)


                    Carnival in Sherman Oaks


                    Tigeorges' Chicken

                    Too bad you won't "westside," for Warszawa

                    Also, second the Ethiopian recs.