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Oct 16, 2007 02:44 PM

Where to buying plants/seedlings in Brooklyn to grow herbs?

I'd like to grow some herbs in my apartment this fall and winter. I know its a bit late in the game, but I'm hoping it might still work. Can anyone tell me where to buy seeds or herbs in Brooklyn? Close to Carroll Gardens would be great!

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  1. It's pretty late in the year for anyone to have seeds, but the Saturday Greenmarket at Grand Army Plaza has an herb plant seller. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden sells plants too, but you better call their gift shop first to see if they have herbs.

    Brooklyn Botanic Garden
    900 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225

    1. If you have good light, herbs do well inside over winter, if not they get all spindly and leggy. I do recall seeing a link to an indoor herb garden with it's own light source that was small enough for a countertop. Came compete with seeds as I recall.

      Will post it for you if I can find it again.

      EDIT: here's the link:

      1. Haven't been down there in a number of years, but there are vendors at the Brooklyn Terminal Market that sell flowers--don't know if they sell herbs. (718) 444-5700 is the number for the tenants' association for the Market. Maybe someone there can help you.

        1. I saw herb plants over the weekend at the Chelsea Garden Center on Van Brunt St. in Red Hook next to the Fairway.

          Not Brooklyn, but the Union Square Greenmarket has herb sellers -- Silver Heights Farm which is there on Saturdays I think, has a ton.