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Oct 16, 2007 02:43 PM

Best South Bay Prime Rib?

Since the loss of Del Conte on PCH in Torrance, good prime rib has been quite difficult to find in the South Bay in my opinion. Is there anything comparable? We like the Cherrystone in Gardena but they only serve it on weekends. The Normandie Club seem to have mediocre beef at best. Black Angus and the Outback are maybe above average...but is there anything better?

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  1. Flemmings on Sundays has a Prime Rib Dinner. Its only availible on Sundays choice one of 3 Salads, 1 Side and 1 Desert 12 oz. Prime Rib for $32.95.. But heck I always go to Lawrys it just can be beat.. Flemmings is very good as well. Just not sure of the pice point with some of the names you dropped. Good sugestion for a Thread..

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      Way back when...Del Conte's was THE place to go for elegant dining at a reasonable price and very good food. Rumors speculated that it was frequented by many an old Italian group of citizens very similar to the Cockatoo clientele in Hawthorne. You never heard that from me and I would flatly deny it if asked. But I digress...
      Del Conte's had the best juiciest prime rib and also the best giant Alaskan king crab legs bar none. I ordered the crab legs a few times and decided to count the halves on the platter. I counted 16 pieces...I mean large pieces! Back then I think it may have been like $16.00(?) for the whole dinner which included soup or hand-tossed salad and a generous non-stop order of butter-cheese bread dripping with butter. Stop...stop...I can't take it no more!

    2. Visited Cherrystone in Gardena last night and had the regular cut prime rib which is my alltime faovrite on weekends. I have to say that it was probably the best cut of meat I've had in a long time. For $11.95 you couldn't beat it and it comes with either soup or a special Chinese ramen salad plus your chioce of potato and veggies. Their fresh made ahi poke was also a hit with our party. Three people in our party had the Chilean sea bass which they really raved about. Leonard the owner came by and made sure everyone was pleased with everything and even served us a slice of his hot homemade Fujiapple bread he whipped up. Prices are very reasonable and the service impecable. A large party had just completed right before we sat down and they all vowed to be back again.

      1. ya tried the san franciscan lately?

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            I went there once w/ a couple of friends a few months back. We went because we practically live next door and were craving some prime rib. I thought that it was good overall for the price point. My only gripe, though a big one, was that the meat wasn't very hot when it cames.

            Now that I think about it, I'd probably rather drive to Bandera in LA if I was really craving a good, decently priced, prime rib though. =)

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              I've had the San Franciscan a long time ago. It was pretty good and the service was above average. The price has risen pretty much from the first time we went. Still can't beat the quality and price at Cherrystone though ($11.95 for 8 oz).