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Oct 16, 2007 02:22 PM


Anyone know where I can find grits? I have tried Cajun Corner..but they are out of stock.

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  1. bumping this up... i'm craving grits!! somewhere in toronto must sell them.

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    1. re: wontonfm

      I've been ordering from here online for five years:

      Prompt service. Great quality. Store them in the freezer in tightly sealed bags.

      1. re: rsvp7777

        Oh that is a good site...expecialy now with the strong dollar

    2. I get a lot of my specialty items at Highland Farms ( Mississauga location at Hurontario and Matheson is closest to me). I find that I can get just about anything I need there from goats milk yogurt to organic butter from Quebec to Kosher chicken. They seem to carry a wide variety of ethnic foods--Italian, Polish, Oriental, Greek and even Jewish products.

      Having said that I noticed a little rack on display at the end of the packaged organic goods aisle ( which is quite extensive BTW) of Bob's Red Mill packaged seeds, grains etc. I am pretty sure I saw some stone ground grits there.

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      1. re: ishmael

        thanks for the tip... i'll have to investigate.