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Oct 16, 2007 02:12 PM

B-day dinner in Cambria/San Simeon area?

Am from Los Angeles, but will be celebrating my birthday in the Cambria area this weekend. Am considering either the Black Cat or Robins. Any thoughts on which would be better? Or, any additional suggestions? Love creative, fresh food in a wonderful ambience.

Thanks in advance, chowhounds! Any ideas welcome.

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  1. Take a look at their menus and also give consideration to The Sow's Ear.
    Not much of quality in San Simeon.

    1. I have only been to Robins and that was for lunch, but we loved it.

      1. My favorite place near Cambria is Hoppe's in Cayucos, which is about 10 minutes away down Hwy 1. Great food and wine list.

        1. Black Cat in Cambria!!! Great food, attentive service, my new husband and I had three amazing meals there on our wedding trip to Big Sur. Ask for Alexis, she is real food person and has a razor sharp ability to pair food and wine.


          1. If you want "ambience"....go up the coast a bit further to Big Sur and experience Nepenthe.