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Oct 16, 2007 02:09 PM

New Place? West Side of 5th Ave btw 20 and 21

Anyone know what the new restaurant (?) on the west side of 5th is? They've got a modern store front with a huge silhouette of a fork and knife. I ran a search on the boards and found nothing...


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  1. Is that the old "Mayrose" location?

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    1. That's my block, there's nothing opening there. Just clothing stores. Do you mean ilili? It's a bit north, 26th or so.

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        LOL...its not a restaurant. I walk by there everyday to work and and while i never actually took a real close look inside it has something to do with advertising and graphic artists. it could be the society of graphic artists. often have different exhibits displayed. noticed the knife and fork on the window too. but not a restaurant.

        1. re: ricky7

 the american institute of graphic artists, 164 5th ave.

          1. re: ricky7

            Thanks everyone! I was just hoping to see a new neighborhood spot.