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Oct 16, 2007 01:05 PM

christmas in barcelona--what's open?

Hello there chowhounds,

I'm glad I found this board, and have started reading through the posts to find out the places I must not miss when eating and food-shopping in Barcelona. We have rented a little studio in the Eixample district and plan on cooking in and eating out about 50/50.

I'm worried about something though. We are arriving late in the day on Dec 24 and staying 'til Dec 30. We don't know a soul in the city, so we're going to be fending for ourselves on a few days of holidays and I'm wondering what will be open?

Are there any grocery stores/food markets that stay open late or are open on holidays? Do they close early Xmas eve?

What about bakeries, caf├ęs, etc?

And does anyone have a suggestion for where to eat on Christmas day? Is anything quaint and cozy open or will be have to stick to major hotel restaurants?

Sorry for the kazillion questions. Any help would be appreciated!


Pigi (from Ottawa, Canada)

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  1. I can only comment on the grocery store part. The OpenCor chain ( is open 365 days a year, and I know of at least two in Eixample:

    They aren't great in comparison to other awesome spanish grocery stores, but will do in a pinch.

    1. I've been researching some of that same turf, and can report that you will find some places closing on Christmas Eve, a handful open on Xmas and the 26th. Grupa Cacheiro restaurants will be open 25 & 26; Senyor Paralleda will be open the 25th & 26th. Also several from the Tragaluz chain.

      As for markets, that's gonna be tougher depending upon your arrival time on the 24th. The 25th will be a real challenge, but by the 26th all should be swell.

      I've been emailing them and putting responses into a folder for later use. I'll try to dig out what I've learned, so far. But it is a bit early for many non-chain places to know for sure what they are doing.

      But it appears that enough will be open to satisfy those who plan carefully.