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Oct 16, 2007 12:45 PM

Fun dinner for 8 in Charlotte before the Police

Where would you take a fun, rowdy crowd of foodies before the Police concert in downtown Charlotte within stumbling distance of the Bobcat arena?

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  1. Oh, I'm jealous that you got tickets! Well, keep in mind that everything within stumbling distance will probably be packed if it's anything like the U2 concert last year. If you want a lively scene and good food you might want to try something in Dilworth or Elizabeth. 300 East, Carpe Diem. You'll still be close to the arena but will be able to sit and eat and hear each other speak. Last year we went to Dixie's before the U2 show and it was a huge mistake. Of course, the Police might attract a slightly mature audience that won't be as wild in which case you might want to try Arpa, Sonoma, Taverna 100. They're all good and have lots of small plate options so you don't get too full before the concert. Have fun!

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      Thanks! I'll send on to the rest of the crowd and we will try one of them out. With Carpe Diem and 300 East, would they be walking distance or cab?

      1. re: marriedwellfereatin

        Carpe Diem is one of my favorite places, hands down, but it's not walking distance(300 East isn't either). Charlotte cabs are the most reliable either so that would worry me. For a livelier atmosphere you might want to consider Blue or Cosmos Cafe, both are walking distance to the arena and have great food and a good reputation.

    2. I went to Arpa after a Bobcats game this past winter and had a good time. I went with only my boyfriend, but I noticed there were lots of larger groups, and I know they take reservations. It's a fun atmosphere, and close to the arena.

      Have fun at the show!