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Oct 16, 2007 12:27 PM

Heritage Turkeys

Getting psyched up for Thanksgiving. Usually we get some type of fresh organic possibly free range bird and we are always happy with them. This year I am contemplating a Heritage Bird. 2 questions for my fellow hounds.

I've heard a heritage bird can be gamey. What is your take? This doesn't bother me at all, just curious.

More importantly, can anybody recommend an internet site where I can get a fresh heritage variety turkey delivered. Can't find any, only found one site but they were frozen.

While I'm at it, let's throw a third question out there. I've preferred fresh but do you really think it makes a difference?

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  1. In my experience heritage birds have more taste. I wouldn't call it gaminess, but then again I like game. The best turkey I've ever had was a Red Bourbon from a vendor at my farmers' market, and it was a smash hit, including with the 3-year-old crowd.

    Re fresh v. frozen, when I get turkeys from my market vendor, they are generally frozen. Since I have to pick them up on Saturday or Sunday, it's not a problem to let them thaw. I think any marginal impact on texture etc is more than offset by the much better taste and quality of the meat (I would say this for chickens as well).

    Good luck!