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Oct 16, 2007 12:25 PM

Exploring Chinatown...

Looking to try a new ("new" to us) place in Chinatown each week. In the past few weeks, we've done Skyway, Nyonya and Shanghai Cafe. Would love some other good places to try out on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

How is Moon House? What is good there besides the tiny fried buns?

Any other recommendations? (Please include an address!)

P.S. Not really looking for dim sum, as we feel that the best is in Flushing... unless there's a place we have missed?!

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  1. Check out Fuleen Seafood - I think the quality of the menu (specifically the seafood) is great 11 Division St New York, 10002 212-941-6888

    Another is Shanghai Cuisine - (212) 732--8988 - 89-91 Bayard St (b/w Mulberry & Mott) - they have amazing soup dumplings

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      They have a delicious rack of lamb dish too.

    2. Amazing 66, at 66 Mott is great. Anything Shanghai at Moon House is good. I got them to make a whole yellowish in brown sauce (red-cooked), the way they do the fish tail, and it was wonderful.

      You can walk in almost anywhere and it will be wonderful. I did that tonght.

      This post might help you, though you are hardly a "beginner"

      1. How about Roasted Delights for a place with a slightly different feel?

        1. Thanks for the recommendations.

          Are there any good Vietnamese or Thai places in/around Chinatown?

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            Nha Trang does some extremely tasty things with pork; both locations

            Extremely cheap as well

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              I llke Nha Trang Baxter but would like opinions of those more knowledgeable: Is this the best Vietnamese in Chinatown? I am always looking for something new...anything out there with great non-pho dishes?

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                  Cong Ly is great, and so is Nam Son, 245 Grand St. 212-966-6507

            2. Super Taste on Eldrige (right below canal - its east of bowery)...great spicy beef noodle soup, good fish balls and decent dumplings

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                i second super taste! if you do go to super taste definitely try the spicy beef handpulled noodles AND you must also try their steamed dumplings(some of the best i've ever had). also up a couple of blocks is dumpling house where you can get amazing dumplings for super cheap.