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Oct 16, 2007 12:07 PM

Anyone been to the Route 130 Farm Market in Windsor?

Saw a new farm market on Route 130, in the Atlanta Bread and (Very Delicious) Hunan House Restaurant. Is it just like the Route 9 Farmers market in Freehold? I saw the Boar's head sign, and was wondering how their prices were. I trust they've got a full deli, as well as good produce, knowing all the farms nearby.

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  1. We shop here regularly. I don't know the Freehold market, so I can't compare. This is a hispanic-run greengrocer with great prices and terrific selection, and yes, there is a full deli plus an interesting assortment of European as well as Latin American grocery items. The produce is usually top-quality.

    1. Yes, very similar (but smaller) to the one on 9 and others elsewhere in NJ. BUT it is in no way a "farmers market" and, from what I've seen, there's no emphasis or attempt to carry produce from local farmers and they are simply selling fruit and vegetables from all over the country and the world, purchased, no doubt, from the same wholesale markets that supermarket use.

      It (and all the others I've been to) are simply "produce markets"/"green grocers"/whatever and, personally, I think it's rather deceptive to call them "Farmers Markets" (but others on this list don't seem to feel that's important IIRC).

      For that matter, the first time I ventured into that "Atlanta Bread" store - and call me stupid- I *thought* I would be able to buy locally-baked "bread"- tho' the "Atlanta" (why "Atlanta" anyway?) obviously gave away the fact that it wasn't going to be locally owned. Go figure, huh? It's a chain sandwich shop.

      1. I'm a regular customer there. I agree that it definitely isn't a "farm market", but rather a produce market. The prices on most items are very low compared to grocery stores. White peaches were 99 cents/# there and $2.99 elsewhere!

        I'm not sure where they get their produce from, but I wonder if it's from the same type of supplier as the fruit carts in NYC. Those vendors tend to get produce that grocery stores won't buy because it is at the peak of ripeness or just getting ready to turn and therefore doesn't have a very long shelf life.

        The bread is also quite good. I generally buy the long sesame and round rolls (3/$1). Packages of pita bread are also a bargain - 12 pitas for 99 cents! The dairy section doesn't have as many good deals but the eggs prices are usually lower than other area stores.

        Give it a try!

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          The next time you are in the stores look at the boxes that the produce comes in. I worked in an A&P produce warehouse for 13 years and I saw the same brands that we shipped in every produce stand, grocery store and box store. Even Whole foods sells the same stuff.

          1. re: punkin712

            Cool, so it is kinda similar to the Route 9 market, which is not a bad thing. I find that produce there and (probably here) is a bit fresher, better in quality, and cheaper than produce in grocery stores. I'll definitely have to check it out. Props for having a Boar's Head deli nearby! I hope they sell prosciutto and provolone.

            About the farm market thing....I feel the same way. There are a few stands in the area that really do sell farm fresh produce, and it's real good, but there are also(especially in high-traffic areas, RT33) some places that do nothing more than sell you the same veggies as ShopRite or worse.

            Atlanta Bread is nothing special, IMO. You're better off getting lunch at the Kebab House just a few minutes down the road.

          2. You want a farmers market, go to Columbus or The Trenton Farmers Market on Spruce Street, it's great there and reminds me of when I was a kid!!!!!DEB